Why So Serious? Its Only Facebook

I joined Facebook way back in the dark ages of 2005 - back when you had to have an active college email address, it was limited to only certain schools, and the only status you could have involved being in class, at home, at work, or sleeping. Remember that? Anyway, even way back then, Facebook was causing some issues for folks. So much so, that my soror SD coined the phrase "let that Facebook go". She was referring to how so many folks lived, breathed & died by what happened on Facebook...especially when it came to relationships. Every wall post and tagged photo was scrutinized - and don't let it seem like flirting, cause then you'd never hear the end of it. Folks were fighting in the Student Center & breaking up left & right over some Facebook drama.

And then of course, there's the drama surrounding friending & defriending someone.  Not accepting a friend request or defriending someone that used to be your "friend" on Facebook has been known to start the equivalent of WWIII to some folks. I got a taste of that this weekend, when I got a passive-aggressive "why did you defriend me?" message on Facebook 0_o. Uhh...I defriended you because I didn't want to be your friend on Facebook anymore & I didn't want you to have access to the info on my page #duh.

Why do folks take Facebook so seriously?

It seriously mystifies me. Like I cannot explain it at all. Its just Facebook. Its just the Internets. It shouldn't have any bearing on your real life, especially when your life is still intact. If your online antics are affecting your real life, perhaps you should log off for a while. And I say that as someone who had to do just that & more when someone tried to use an online presence to get me fired from my previous job.

Yall know me, I love the Internets. I love the Facebook. I'm on that sucker every.single.day. I be reading walls & poking folks (well just a couple), commenting on pics & everything else. But once I click the red "x", I'm done. I'm not gonna run up on someone talking bout "what did you say about me on Facebook?" or be pissy cause someone didn't accept my friend request or defriended me. In fact, I don't think I've ever even noticed if someone didn't accept my friend request or defriended me. I just don't care enough.

Clearly other folks do tho, and I really want to know why. Like I just don't understand. And what I REALLY don't understand is how folks allow stuff on Facebook to drive them to violence. Reading something you don't like on the Facebook is not a reason to go confront someone (are we still doing that past 11th grade?), get into fights, stab or shoot someone, or any other acts of violence. Its just Facebook! Why injure or kill someone & give up your freedom over something you read on the Internets?

Am I alone in thinking that the Facebook isn't that serious? Do you take things you read/see on the Facebook to heart? Has the Facebook affected your offline life?