Where to start?

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever. I kept meaning to but I never got a chance to do it, and then I'd forget what I wanted to blog about. So I'll try to fit in everything that I remember and that I want to blog about. One of my more exciting developments was my recruitment trip to FAMU. FAMU is my other school, besides Ga Tech, and I was chosen to support the on-campus interviews. I figured since it was my first year doing recruitment, and I was a (relatively) new hire, that I would just be there to rave about how much I love my company. Instead, I actually had to do interviews, but we'll get to that later. I decided that I wanted to drive my own car, because I wanted to have my XM, and it was turning out to be a big hassle to rent a car. This kid RJ that I work with was supposed to go with me but the day before his boss told him he couldn't go, so I rolled solo. That morning I had meet-and-greet with the students at the school I volunteer at, and I saw a lot of my kids from last year, which was nice. Then I hit the road; the drive wasn't too bad, I made it to Tallahassee around 3:45, checked in, and then realized I was supposed to be at FAMU-FSU school of engineering at 4. So I get dressed, hop in the car, and promptly get lost on the way, so I end up being super duper freaking late. I arrive at the school, and I sit in for the informational session and a session on how to choose an offer. By the end of the night I'm freaking beat, so I head back to the hotel cause I know I gotta get up early.

Day 2 I was up early to pick up another person and headed to the school. This was my first time to FAMU, and I wasn't very impressed with the campus. Maybe I'm spoiled, cause I've been on so many beautiful campuses (campi?) but it kinda sucked. All the buildings looked the same and it wasn't very pretty. Anyway, we started getting set up and whatnot for our interviews, which started at 8:45 (such a weird time, right?). Overall, I had a total of 9 candidates, and all of them had 30 minutes, and then I had 15 minutes to write my review of them. I had a couple of great candidates, including this PhD student that I thought was so hot, but I didn't give him my card cause I thought it might be unprofessional. *sad face* I had a couple other candidates that were really sharp as well, a couple that were just ok, and 1 that was downright dismal. By the end of the day I was so beat...I had no idea that interviews would be so taxing. I chilled for a minute and then went to dinner with another interviewer. The next morning I was up for breakfast and then I hit the road. Got to Orlando around 1PM and spent the rest of the day laying around. And that Friday was my off Friday so I had like 3.5 days off from work.

So what did I do with all this free time? I hung out with RJ, the kid that was supposed to go to FAMU with me. Thursday night we went to dinner, which was my treat cause I lost a bet (which I really think was just a ploy by him for us to go out, but I digress). We hit Bonefish Grill, which was absolutely delicious, and I actually had a good time. We kept the party going and hit Tryst Martini Bar, which is one of my favorite spots. At the end of the night, when I dropped him off, he gave me like 3 hugs, and did the "let me hold you around the waist thing and look into your eyes"...and the next thing I know, we're kissing and I'm being slobbed down in the parking lot. Good times though, but I wasn't sure what was going on. So Saturday I was out and about at got home a little before 7, and he calls me and invites me to the movies. We go to see "Things We Lost in the Fire" (which wasn't that good btw) and then we both went home...and so I was like, ok we're back in friends mode. Sunday he came over for dinner and wound up staying for a while and watching football with me, and once again, I got kissed. Then Monday he called me and asked what I cooked, like he had an open invite for dinner....I told him it was a boyfriend perk so he wasn't invited over. The moral of this long-ass story is that I have no clue what's going on, I'm just along for the ride.

I decided that I need a vacation, but I didn't want to go on a trip-trip, so I'm going home for a week around Thanksgiving, to lay on the couch and watch soap operas and Judge Judy. Probably see a few friends while I'm at home, and of course the family, and that's it. That's all I really wanna do.

Oh, and I got braids, I don't know if I mentioned them. I love them but I think I'm ready for them to come out, cause I haven't had a relaxer since the end of June and I'm worried for my hair. So I'll probably take them down next week and get a relaxer and then maybe get braids again in another 6-8 weeks. I should have gotten braids a long ass time ago, they are so freaking great.