Where Did September Go?

How is it October already??? I looked at the calendar the other day, and realized that we're in the last quarter of the year. We're also 5 months away from our wedding - WHERE DID THE TIME GO??? I'm freaking out and I also can't believe that time is flying by so fast.

I really meant to write more in September, but I got...busy. And it wasn't even a good busy, time just got away from me. But things DID happen in September, like:

  • I have networked my ass off in my current company, looking for a new role. And finally it all paid off - I was asked to interview for a role. It's right in line with my interests/passions, and best of all, would be in a totally different area (which means I can get away from my less-than stellar manager). I spent the last couple of weeks interviewing, and I was offered the role! I'm super excited about it, both for the change of pace, but also because I also get a raise, and I could definitely use that money. I also get to move to a new building and the floor my new team sits on is gorgeous. I'm counting the days until I get to move over to my new role.
  • I'm now regularly blogging as a Real Bride on Broke-Ass Bride! I've followed this blog since William and I first talked about getting married, cause I'm all about saving money on this wedding. When they had an open call for real brides to blog for their site, I jumped at the chance. So far I've written two pieces over there and it's pretty fun. I'll be writing about our planning process and other thoughts related to weddings.
  • Wedding planning is heating up! My mom was in town last weekend and we attended a wedding fair which was great. I'm now at the stage where we need to figure out florals and decor, so I've got several appointments set up with vendors. We also have the tasting scheduled with our caterer, and after that we can order our invitations! Things are moving along well but I'm also freaking out that our wedding is only FIVE MONTHS AWAY! Before I know it, I'll be a Mrs!