Whats The Deal With....

Black men and long hair? Let me explain why I'm asking.

Back in April I got frustrated with my transition to natural hair and just did the big chop after 5 months. I had about 2 inches of length completely stretched, but in its shrunken state its pretty short, but with lots of curls and coils.

So these were the reactions I got from different groups:

*The majority of women from all races loved it. A couple chicks said they preferred my long hair, but all the other ladies thought my short hair suits me.

*White and Latino men overall liked the short hair. It was a different look that fit my face.

*But the Black men? Oooh, the Black men HATE MY SHORT HAIR! I can count on one hand the number of Black men who liked the short hair compared to the long relaxed hair I used to have. And the crazy thing is that when I was relaxed I wore my hair up every single day, I never wore it down, so you couldnt even see how long it was.

So the difference in reactions really made me think. What is it that makes most Black men prefer long hair? Is it a Eurocentric standard of beauty? A rejection of Black women and their kinks and coils? Brainwashing from "The Man"?

I think I'm cute with the long relaxed hair, the short relaxed hair, the short natural hair, and I'll be cute with long natural hair. Its frustrating though to hear from so many Black men how they don't like my hair and how they wished I hadn't cut it and whatnot. Of course, their opinions arent going to make me run out and weave it up or relax again or anything. I went natural for me and I love my natural hair. Its just very interesting to see the new types of responses I get from Black men.

Anyone else ever had a similar experience? Can any fellas give me an explanation for the love of long hair?