What's New With Jubes?

Yall know how I do...another stream-of-consciousness post.

I already posted on how wack my trip to St. Louis was...it sucked a lot, but at the same time, I answered a question that had been in my mind for a while, which is a good thing. I totally could have stayed home tho, but oh well...
Can you believe its Thanksgiving already? I blinked & we ended up in November. I'm not going home for Thanksgiving and I'm not even really doing anything this year. I just wanna chill, catch up on my sleep, do some reading, and put up my Christmas tree (yes, I'm going to have a tree this year). I probably wont even cook anything special. And I'm definitely not going shopping for Black Friday - I don't need anything and I really need to save money & stop spending.
And speaking of saving money, I really need to get on that, stat! I have so much crap & I spend money that I dont really need to spend, which is a bad thing. I really want to save at least $10K in 2010, which wont even be super hard to do, I just need to stop being lazy & buying crap.
This past weekend was the Florida Classic, also known as the one time of the year that there are good events in Orlando. I just hate how there are a million events & parties during the classic and then the rest of the year there is nothing going on. I mean, it really sucks! Anyway, I attended the best event of the weekend, the Ciroc VIP Lounge at Bliss. Free admission, free drinks (and yall know I fucks with Ciroc!), Biz Markie was the DJ so I danced all night, had a table so I could rest my feet (which hurt for 2 days so you know I partied hard), met some cuties, looked really cute in my green dress, and overall had a ball. Great times...too bad I gotta wait until this time next year to do it again.
My dating life has done a complete 180 from where it was just a few months ago...isn't that how it always goes? I went from no dates and no prospects to several dates and several prospects. I'm planning to do another post that goes more in-depth into what I have going on, so I won't elaborate too much now...But I will say that I'm happy to have options again.
Oh, and can I say how much I love Wale's album? Its been in constant rotation on my iPod, I haven't really wanted to listen to anything else. If I am listening to something different, its Melanie Fiona (review coming this week!) or Drake (and yall know how I feel about him...). I really love Wale's album tho, I wasn't a huge fan before but since Attention Deficit came out, I've hopped on the fan bandwagon...great music.