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Last week I was blue. Today, not so much. I'm feeling better. So my goal is to eventually become Vice-President of R&D for a Fortune 500 or 100 company. Lofty goal, I know. Well, last week I think I finally got a good opportunity to start on that path. I was asked to work on a research project, which is very high profile within my company. I'll be rubbing elbows and presenting to VP's within my business unit and also VP's at Corporate. When I was first asked to do it, I was a bit hesitant, for 2 reasons: 1)almost everyone that I will be working with and for has a PhD and I don't, and 2)while I know chemistry pretty well, I don't know some of the other areas like electronics at all, and I'm deathly afraid of looking like an idiot and not knowing what I'm talking about. But several people have assured me that they will help me, including my mentor, so I've decided to accept the project. So now I have 2 projects, along with my regular job duties. Wow, I'mma have to actually kick it up a notch at work and actually get some real work done.

With this new development, I see 1 of 2 things happening: either I get a promotion in Orlando and then stay in Orlando, or someone at Corporate or another division takes notice of me and offers me a position somewhere else. As much as I hate Orlando, its becoming more like home to me. There are a lot of things that I wish I could get rid of though. But I have more friends here, thanks to my dinner group. And I really think that I'm going to move. I love my apartment and neighborhood, but I'm so far out from everything which is so inconvenient. Anytime I want to go downtown or just north it takes me a million years. So most likely I'm moving. I'd really like to buy something, but I'd like prices to come down a lot more in Central Florida. Maybe I can find something at auction or pre-foreclosure.

In other news, my ex HW asked to be my friend on Facebook....HA! I accepted it but I put him on my limited profile list cause I don't need him all up in my business. So he can only see my applications and my education info...I don't need him up in my pics, or my work info, or my wall. He has pics of his kids up, and all I could think when I saw the pics was that I dodged a HUGE bullet with him, and his "I tried to get you pregnant so I could leave her and be with you" nonsense...My life would be totally different if I had stayed with him. My silly behind was all set to drop out of school for him and get married. Luckily I was destined for another path....