What Happens The Morning After

One of my favorite albums of all-time is The Love Below. Excellent album from beginning to end. I remember the first time I ever heard "The Morning After" skit - I had to chuckle cause it was so real... [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9mLCzRAJMo]

I was reminded of this interlude a couple of weeks ago. I'm a pretty regular reader of Clutch Magazine, and a few weeks ago they ran an interesting piece about a short film that was shown at the Sundance Film Festival, called Close (directed by Tahir Jetter). This short film shows what happens "the morning after" between two people who were previously just friends.

After watching this film, my first thought was "I can relate".

The morning after is always the part of a rendezvous that is the most tricky. No matter the situation, the morning after is the thing that can often trip you up. Whether it's a one night stand, an Friends-with-Benefits situation, or even the first time when you've been dating someone - the morning after is always filled with questions, a little bit of awkwardness, and possibilities.

The most prevalent question is probably the most obvious - "what's going to happen now?" Do you go back to the way things were before? Do you pretend it didn't happen? Do you open the floodgates on your emotions & let nature take its course? The possibilities are endless, I suppose, just like the number of questions.

Check out the short film "Close" below:


I really liked this film because it was a true depiction of what does happen after a night of passion with someone who used to be "just a friend". One person wants to pretend it didn't happen, while the other thinks it's the perfect time to unleash those hidden feelings. That's not a combo that goes well together, and the result is the conflict shown in the film, along with the demise of the friendship.

Most of the time sex with a friend ends up this way. Staying friends, staying good friends, after the sex is a difficult endeavor. If you're already friends, then on some level you care about each other & have affection, plus a level of intimacy with each other. The sex isn't really just sex then, because there are auxiliary feelings from both parties. The next morning, the feelings are exposed, and pushing them back into the bottle isn't possible for most people. Sure, it does happen, but its a rare feat.

I read somewhere (was it Twitter? I think so) that the only way to have casual sex is to do it with someone who you could never date, or even like for that matter. Casual sex with someone you could date, someone you can or already have feelings for is always a bad idea, cause most likely you'll catch feelings & there goes the casual sex. I think there's definitely some truth to that.