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What Happened To #TeamBlackberry?

I am a member of #teamblackberry, and have been a loyal fan for a while. Over the past several years I've had several different smartphones, beginning with a Treo (don't judge - in like 2005 those joints were hot!), but BB's have been my fave so far. Right now I'm working with a BB Bold, which works well for me.

Apparently though, lots of #teamblackberry folks haven't been feeling the love anymore, and are jumping ship. Everyday on my BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) I see status messages about leaving Blackberry. #Teamblackberry members have abandoned RIM for Android smartphones and iPhones.

That makes me sad.

If everybody leaves #teamblackberry, then who am I gonna talk to on BBM?

I certainly get why folks are leaving. Those damn Android phones are so seductive, with their touchscreens and Android apps & whatnot. And then there's that phone made by Apple, which I don't get the hype about but other ppl love. Awesome. Yes, I know RIM has slipped on development of new BB's, new features, new apps, etc.

As much as I love my BB Bold, I could be persuaded to jump ship for the right phone. I only haven't because the EVO is way too damn big to fit into my cute purses, and I refuse to get AT&T or Verizon service - Sprint's Simply Everything plans fit my budget very well thank you. But with everyone leaving BB, looks like I may have to make a choice soon myself.

Have you left #teamblackberry or are you thinking about it? Why are you leaving? What would RIM have to come out with to make you stay or come back?

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