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Welcome to my little corner of Al Gore’s Internet. I’m Jareesa - I’m a scientist, a freelance writer, a knitter, wife to LM, mom to #BabyPi, and more. I love Queen Bey, squishy yarn, watching GBBO, and attempting to bake. Sometimes I rant, sometimes I rave, but I always tell the truth.

Weekend recap

I'm gonna start the recap from Thursday...I did have to work on Friday, but I went to dinner with a friend, tk. He's funny...anyway, we went to Friday's and I ordered a 3-for-all, which I shouldn't have gotten, but I only ate like 1 potato skin, 1 mozarella and 2 chicken wings so I guess its ok. Friday I had to work, then went to the gym and had a good workout...then went to NBA City to watch the Magic game with LM and TK. First, why the hell is NBA City so far from the parking garage @ Universal? Second, I totally forgot that they are doing the Mardi Gras thing and I had to pay to park. We should have went to Hooters...but then I would have had wings. I did have 2 Long Islands which were really good, I haven't had those in YEARS.

Saturday LM and I went suit shopping, cause my interview is Tuesday. We first went to the Kasper outlet (one of the few great things about Orlando -all the outlets!) and I wound up getting the first suit I tried on. Its a black skirt suit and the skirt has a cute little pleated embellishment on the bottom. And it was on the clearance rack, love it! I did get a cardigan from Ann Taylor, but I didn't see a shell for my suit, and I didn't find one at Banana Republic either. I did get some cute heels from the Nine West outlet, they are pretty comfy so I think I'll be ok. We also went over to the mall, and I couldn't find anything that worked in a color that I wanted....I want my shell to be a power color since my suit is black. Anyway, after shopping I went home to change and then met my soror T, cause she asked me to go to Gainesville with her for the Florida Invitational Step Show (FISS). Apparently this is a big deal in Florida...I've never been but she really wanted to go so I said what the hell.

The show is on the UF campus, so that was my first time on campus. From what I saw, it reminded me of UGA. When we got to the venue and hopped out the car, I was amazed and annoyed at all the chicks who came in short skirts/dresses and heels. Who puts on club attire to go to a stepshow? Isnt that what jeans and a cute top are for? I mean, it completely blew my mind. I've been to my fair share of stepshows, and I've never seen such foolishness. And to top it off, it was chicks trying to pull off stuff that they had no business wearing..ugh. As for me, I wore a cute royal blue v-neck top w/ a cami (to just show a hint of cleavage, lol), some cute dark jeans, royal blue ballet flats, and my gold line jacket, and I had my gold Coach tote. I wasn't going all crazy. I didn't even do a full face, I wasn't wearing foundation and just a touch of blush, eyeshadow, liner, mascara and lipstick/liner.

The sorors section was between the Alphas and the Kappas, and I was initially disappointed in the lack of suitable eyecandy. And I was feeling a bit old with the abundance of 07's and 08's on jackets. I heard a rumor of a "spring 09" jacket but I didn't see it, but blah @ that. Later on once the show started I did meet some cutie Kappas that were sitting across from me, which was a plus.

Now the show...they started with a little unity intro thing, 1 rep from each of the D9. Cute, but long, and since they started 30 mins late I was ready to get the show started. Everybody but the AKA's and Iotas stepped. Kappas went first, way too much caning, and of course they had the obligatory "hump the stage" portion of the show. No cane drops though, I was surprised. Sorors from St. Louis went next, they had a good show, and a Coming to America theme. Deltas from Tallahassee did a "Hotel 1913" theme, and they were on point, I can't even front. They were doing high kicks and splits and flips and all kinds of stuff. Ques did a "Saw" theme, the hops were good but I didn't really get the theme. Zetas were from Washington State, and almost their entire show was frat tribute steps (which I hate but I digress) and they had several non-Black members on stage. Phi Betas did a "Zombies" theme, and they also had 2 White members on stage. I didn't like their costumes but the steps were good. Alphas did a "Graduation" theme & stepped in caps & gowns, and they had a great show.

Columbus Short was the host, and he sucks at life. He's so freaking little (so his last name fits), and he had no clue what he was doing. I'mma need stepshow hosts to at least attempt to brush up on NPHC orgs before doing the event. He was mispronouncing orgs and overall just being dumb. Luckily the mics & sound system sucked so I could barely make out what he was saying.

Aight, so the Alphas & Deltas won the show, and the sorors got 3rd. Overall it was a good night. Saw some folks I knew, met some cuties, got some numbers, and got back to Orlando in one piece.

Sunday I slept in, chilled, cleaned, learned I had a flat tire (luckily I was at home), and did laundry. Exciting, huh?

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