Weekend madness....

I really need to start having themes for my posts, and not just reporting what's going in my life. My blog could be way cooler if I did that. Then again, I'm not very smart, so who knows how that would go. Friday was my first off Friday off 2008, and it couldn't have come sooner...work is already getting me down, and the year just started. I spent my day running errands, and cleaning because RD was planning to come over. The plan was for us to get food, go see "First Sunday" and then hit this reggae club for his friend's birthday. Yall know I hate reggae, but he seemed like he wanted me to go, so I said cool.

Well, we made it to dinner, and we tried to see the movie but there were way too many teenagers over there getting on my nerves. And by the time we were supposed to get up and go to the club...we didn't want to go. So we didn't. We just cuddled and held hands instead and watched tv and it was nice.

Saturday I finally got around to watching "Open Your Eyes", a Spanish film that "Vanilla Skye" is a cheap rip-off of...and it was great! I really like the science and the angles they played up in the movie, very though provoking. Just as I was chillin, RD calls me and wants to hang out, and I wound up staying over. So we finally made it to "First Sunday", which was better than I thought it would be, plus I saw "Final Destination 3" at his house. We had a small minor tiff but it worked itself out. I was supposed to go to a party with my soror, but didn't quite make it.

Sunday was a bad day, I don't even want to talk about it. Damn shame my football season ended early though...I have nothing to watch until September. This blows.

I'm hella late, and was slightly procrastinating, but I'm going back to WW tonight...I was trying to do this Saturday meeting, but when I drove clear across town I couldn't find the place, and then I decided it was too far away. So my Monday meeting is gonna work since its right down the street from me.

So the boy...I like he (and yes, I know I've said that before). When you first meet someone, you talk all the time because you want to get to know that person...and then when you're initial questions get answered, you go into this space where you don't talk as much, and instead you observe the behavior...and that's the stuff that really tells you about a person. We're in that stage right now, and I think that's part of the reason why we want to spend so much time together. We spent this weekend and he wants to spend next weekend together too. I'm happy about that. I'm a bit like "hmmm" as to what's gonna happen between us. But as of right now its all good...nice to have someone in my life that I really like, not just someone that is occupying my time.