We Haven't Had A Good Random Post In A While...

How many days until football season back? I really shouldn't be in a rush for football season...cause that means the summer is over.

I'm taking a knitting class with a friend - we're making a sweater. I've never made anything other than scarves so this is an ambitious project for me. I hope I can complete it cause this yarn was expensive! Between the amount I spent on supplies (yarn, needles, markers, etc) this will be the most expensive sweater I own. It's short sleeve and all weather yarn so I should be able to wear it often.

My new YouTube video is going to "rules for sending nudes" - what tips do you have?

I'm going to DC in two weeks for the cookout and I can't wait...It will be nice to meet a lot of folks I haven't met yet.

My birthday is in 3 weeks and I haven't sent the invites yet. Someone please help me get my life together.

I move in less than a month and I have yet to pack anything. Someone help me get my life together.

I absolutely must tighten my locs this weekend, the new growth is driving me crazy.

Seriously, come help me pack. Maybe I'll do that on Saturday night, have a packing party. My friends offered and everything.

I paused writing this to send my friends an email asking for help packing.

Ooh I got this fabulous bag a month ago and it makes me so happy :-D

Today FS told me to get my shit together. I love that he said that me (cause it was true) but I also love how he did it - he did privately and lovingly, cause he's concerned about me being a better person.

I've discovered Suja Juice. I've also discovered that juices with celery in them are a struggle for me. Mostly cause eating raw celery is a struggle for me.

I saw the most tragic of weaves today. Like her natural hair was a completely different color and it was all kinked up and her weave hair was a whole different texture. I really wanted to pull her to the side and tell her that she looked a hot ass mess...but she was young so I decided against it.

What random stuff do you have going on?