Visit with the Family

I had an off-Friday this past week, so I took a trip home to see my family, specifically my nieces. They are almost 4 months old and I hadn't seen them since they were born, so I was very anxious to see them. Especially, the twins because they were in the NICU when I first saw them. Now they are at home and doing well so I couldn't wait to see them. I got to spend a lot of time with my nieces, which was very nice. I also got to see my brothers, which is sometimes hard to do because both of them work a lot.

The twins are Nadia and Nadirah and they are so cute! Hard to tell apart, but you can do it - Nadia is slightly smaller than Nadirah, and Nadirah has a bald spot in the back of her head. They are way bigger than they were at birth (born premature weighing about 2 pounds each) but they are still little for their age. I love that my SIL dresses them alike most days. They are both very good babies too, they don't cry (I have yet to hear them cry) and they love to be held and cuddled.

My other niece is Zunairah and she's a cutie pie too! She was less than 6 pounds at birth, and now she's already doubled her weight! She has that baby fat all over - fat cheeks, fat legs, fat everything. She's another good baby, she doesn't cry at all (not even when my mom was trying to get her dressed & got her onesie stuck on her head!) and she's SO SPOILED....she's always being held or played with. She is my SIL's parents only grandchild and my parents 3rd grandchild (after the twins who were born 5 days earlier) so everybody just wants to shower her with attention. She's a very happy baby and I love just hanging with her and talking to her.

I've noticed that all 3 girls love to lay on my chest, for obvious reasons...too bad for them all they can do is lay on them!

I also got to see my friend JC when I was at home. I hadn't had time to kick it with him when I was home the last couple of times, & he was making me feel bad. We went out for drinks on Friday night at a really cute little lounge spot (who knew Lansing had one of those?) and just chilled. That JC is a good friend, glad I got to see him. I'm trying to convince him to come with me to Minnesota's homecoming in October.

I definitely have to get home soon to see my ladies, maybe I'll spend a week around Thanksgiving, so I won't have to take that many days off. I'd like to have all the girls with me and my mom so we can bond and hang. Can't wait!