Vh1, Stop With The "Reality" Shows

Vh1 went from the land of old people tv to Reality TV headquarters seemingly overnight. Check out their programming any day of the week, and they are running some type of reality show, normally centered around a celeb (and I use that term very loosely). From the dating shows (Flavor of Love, I Love NY, Rock of Love, etc) to the contests (Ms Rap Supreme, Charm School, I Love Money) to the dramatic (Basketball Wives, Celeb Rehab with Dr. Drew, etc).

Vh1 has decided to add yet another reality show to the mix. We've already seen the lives of basketball "wives" (code for ex's & baby mamas) and football wives...now they are going to show us the lives of the women who are dating hip-hop artists.

Titled "Love & Hip Hop", this show is going to follow current & former girlfriends & wives of men in the hip hop industry. The cast includes Christine Lampkin (Jim Jones's girlfriend), Emily Bustamente (Fabolous's girlfriend), Mashonda Tifere (Swizz Beatz's ex-wife), Somaya Reece (Joe Budden's ex) and Olivia (former "first lady" of G-Unit)

*sigh* Where's Wendy when I need her?

Do we really need this show? I think not. I really don't care about what Fabolous's (ugh I hate how he misspells the word fabulous) baby mama does everyday. I especially don't care about women who used to date rappers. Plus look at who they actually got to do this show - Fabolous & Swizz Beatz are the most well-known out of the 4, but Jim Jones & Joe Budden? Do we really care about their chicks (except of course to ask why Jim's girlfriend lets him walk around looking like Pigpen, but I digress...)? And then of course there's the oddball, Olivia...unless she dated a rapper that we don't know about, why is she even on this show? Was she ever famous to begin with?

I'm sure like the rest of theVh1 shows centered on the women behind "successful" celebrity men, this show will follow a predictable script. There will be scenes of these chicks in forced interactions, where they pretend to be BFFs since birth & show off fabulous things that the show provided. There will be some type of scripted drama between the ladies which will cause 2 teams to be created. If viewers are lucky, they'll see a good curse out and/or some physical violence. In between the orchestrated outings & fighting, we'll see the ladies deal with their relationships or lack thereof. And then by the finale they will all come together to rehash their feelings about each other.

I'll pass.

This show is gonna be an absolute mess. And Vh1 knows it, which is why it was green-lit. The women who are on this show fit that "reality star" mold - willing to do anything to be famous & get some shine, even if it means embarrassing yourself & your man on tv. Is it really that important to be famous? Or is the goal (for at least 2 of these women) to let the rest of the world know their title, thus keeping the groupies away? At least one man who has a significant other on the show has been linked to several other ladies in the gossip blogs - who knows if its true or not. But what better way to do a virtual MoKenStef & sing "He's Mine" to all the other chicks & groupies who have gotten with your man.

When did it become hot in the streets to give ex-girlfriends/wives & baby mamas reality shows? Seriously?

Will you be watching "Love & Hip Hop" when it premieres on March 21? What do you think about this show? Has reality tv gone too far?