Dear LK,

I was looking at the calendar the other day, and guess what I realized? That we met 10 years ago, August 1999. Back then we were two high school seniors, over-achievers attending SCEEP at University of Michigan. I'm sad to say, that I don't remember who spoke to who first, but I do remember thinking that you'd be my friend for a long time (and I was right!).
In that busy two weeks we hung out, took pics, you teased me about making out with a certain person that shall not be named, and we managed to learn a thing or two about engineering and University of Michigan. In my case, I learned that 1) the dorms there kinda sucked and 2) I wanted to attend the University of Minnesota which was top-ranked in ChemE.
When we went our separate ways I hoped that we wouldn't be many of the other summer friendships that I made that summer, at programs at UIUC and MSU. I have plenty of pics of folks who I can't even remember, but I hoped that you and I would stay in touch. And to my joy, we did! We had some phone calls, some emails, you even sent me a go-go tape, remember that? It felt so easy to talk to you and tell you things, you always told me what I needed to have in that straight-forward yet tactful way of yours.
We've been apart for the vast majority of the 10 years we've known each other, including a 5 year stretch where we didn't see each other at all (damn being broke college students was hard!). But I ALWAYS knew you were in my corner, and just a phone call away. We've weathered every storm that has come our way and in the end we have a friendship that I wouldn't trade for the world.
So LK, for making the past 10 years so wonderful, fun and amazing. We've shared some special moments together that I will always carry with me in a special corner of my heart. You've shared some words that I will always cherish. And no matter what, I will always know that I have a very very very good friend who will ride for me till the wheels fall off, and I would the same and more for you. Thanks for putting up with my drama, the horrible "you aren't a good friend" incident, and my numerous mens.
I love you an insane amount.
Love always,
P.S. did you know that our relationship is the longest non-family relationship I've ever had? You lasted through 2 female best friends, countless boys & mens, and 1 delusional & tragic college relationship. That's some staying power buddy! Thanks a million.