TNT Half-marathon Training Has Begun!

It's February, which means that training has begun for the Green Bay Half-marathon! I'm super excited to be participating with #TNT and raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society!

On February 4 #TNT had their kick-off event for the summer events, including Green Bay, San Diego, and Minneapolis races. I got a chance to meet my mentor, Tad, and my West Metro training coach, Seth. I also met lots of other mentors & volunteers like me who are committing their time & energy to raising $ & completing a great event.


This Saturday was our first group run...and of course it had to happen the one day this winter where it was really cold! I woke up at 8AM & the weather channel told me it was 1 degree outside! Normally I'd NEVER agree to exercise outside in the middle of the winter, but I couldn't bail on the first TNT group training. So I put on 3 layers of clothes, my hat & gloves & headed out the door.

Check out the crowd that greeted me in the parking lot at Lake Calhoun:

We were only outside for about 45 minutes, and during our time outside I got to meet others who are walking or run/walking. Yay, I'm not alone! LOL. It was a challenge, but I'm glad I made it out in the cold.

Our next group run is Wednesday night & i'm looking forward to it. As I continue to train, both alone & at group events, I'm reminded that I'm spending all this time sweating for a great cause. Go Team!!!

I really appreciate all the support that I've received so far, I have amazing friends & readers. I'd beĀ  honored if you'd contribute whatever you can to my fundraising efforts, which all go to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Check out my fundraising page here - Jubi's Marathon Donation page or check out the handy dandy donation box at the bottom of my blog. And please please please spread the word!

Thanks a bunch for all your support!