They Got Dating Sites For Everything Now

I was having a convo with my friend ED yesterday, about women, men & money. Specifically we were discussing if women have a problem making more than their husband. Yes, its been talked to death, but it was an interesting convo. The most interesting part was a website he suggested I visit. The site he sent me to was 40KandUp -  "A dating site for men who have more to offer and the women seeking them".

So what is this site about? is a dating site set up to cater to women who know exactly what they want within a relationship and for men who have more to offer in life than just their time.

Let's face it, money problems are one of the main issues in intimate relationships between men and women today. Couples separate and/or divorce all the time over accumulated money troubles.

Single women, why not seek out men who have more to offer? And you successful men out there, let the ladies know you are worth their while.

We only accept profiles from men who make 35K a year and above, so if you don't fit the criteria, this website is not for you. Ladies, if you are searching for a man who possesses stability, then don't hesitate to post a profile.

Yeah...I'mma let Wendy sum up how I fee abt  this sitel...

Let's start with the aesthetics of the site. Who made this - some 10th grader in computer class? It looks so bootleg. The stock photos? The sparkly raindrop animation? The horrible pink text on the blue background? Yeah...all of that is a big fat #fail for whoever owns this thing. Not cute AT ALL.

Now to the actual premise of the site...For serious? $35K is a lot of money now? $35K is enough for a man to take care of a wife? When I think about living comfortably...I don't think I can do it on $35k. Hell, I make WAY more than that now & I'm nowhere near comfortable. I wonder if they even verify that the men make the amount of money they you have to submit tax returns or something?

Not to mention, it's so borderline gold diggerish, but in a bootleg way. Its one thing to go for men who work in high wealth fields, and it's another to join a dating site that's based on how much money someone makes...which has a low salary cut-off at that. It's so comical.

I'm not saying that women shouldn't desire a man who has the means to take care of her and their future children. Hell, I want that for myself. But this site? Yeah this site isn't the way to go about it. Not only is the actual design of the site bootleg...but their criteria for acceptable men is skewed & misguided.

I gotta wonder abt anyone who is a member of this site.

Thoughts? Would you join a site like this?