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"The Watchmen" Review

Today was my off-Friday, so I decided to go to a matinee showing of "The Watchmen". I had been anticipating the release of this film even though I'm not a comic book movie fiend. I read The Movie Blog and they had covered this film pretty extensively prior to its release, so I was interested in seeing it to see what all the hype was about. "The Watchmen" takes place in an alternate United States in 185 - the Cold War is still going strong & nuclear war could happen at any moment, Richard Nixon is President and superheros are common, at least until legislation drives them underground. The film begins with a former superhero being killed by an unknown person. This opening sequence is pretty violent, and sets the tone for the rest of the film.

Through the course of the film we discover the rest of the Watchmen, and see the events that led to them being driven underground. Most of the film is devoted to the crew trying to discover who is trying to kill them off. There is your traditional climax at the end with the "villian" and the loose ending which allows for a sequel should the film do well.

Aight, so let's get to the good stuff. First, I really enjoyed this film. Even though it was long as hell (almost 3 hours) it held my attention. The action sequences were great, but very gory. Some stuff I had to close my eyes on, cause there is only so much blood & bones & whatnot that I can take. I found the plot to be interesting, the dialogue didn't get on my nerves very much, and the cinematography was good. And I liked how overall the film had a "dark" feeling, and how they used various elements to create that feeling.

Now, the cautions. Like I said, this movie is long as hell. That can be a deterrant to some folks. And DON'T TAKE THE KIDS! This movie is rated R for a reason. There are several sex scenes, and 1 is more involved than just folks moving under the sheets (ie you can see stuff). And Dr. Manhattan is naked in most of the film, so you can see blue wang many times. I was actually shocked when I realized that they were showing his wang all willy-nilly.

Overall, I enjoyed the Watchmen, so much that I want to go pick up the graphic novel and see what I'm missing. Definitely go check it out.

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