The Start Of The Last Year Of My 20's

Last week I celebrated my 29th birthday. :grin: I am one of those people who loves their birthday, and always wants to celebrate. It truly is one day that is about you, and am I always happy & excited to acknowledge that I was blessed to see another year of life.

I was so lucky to celebrate my birthday both with Minneapolis & Orlando friends, and go on vacation to Miami with some friends. I received countless phone calls, texts, emails, FB wall posts & Twitter shoutouts - to everyone who wished me well on my day of birth, THANK YOU! :grin:

Going into my birthday, I'm always introspective, and my birthday is the time where I set the goals for that year of my life. I look at where I've been, what I've done, and where I want to go, and that sets the tone for the next 365 days. This year, I started thinking long & hard about the previous year. 28 was very up & down, full of obstacles in every facet of my life. While I had many good/great/excellent moments, I spent a significant part of my 28th year depressed, unhappy, lonely, and melancholy. I focused more on the negative than the positive, and that resulted in a less-than stellar year.

As my birthday grew closer, a common theme kept coming up in my thoughts. I went through old journals, looked at old photos, and really analyzed the woman who I've progressed to become. The biggest thing I've noticed is that as I've grown older, I've become more scared - scared of truly being who I am, scared that others won't accept me, scared that I will not achieve the things I want in my life. A theme began to resonant with me - the idea of being fearless. I look back at myself at 18, 21, even 25, and I realize that I was much more fearless back then, compared to the past year. I did what I wanted to do, I had no concept of not getting what I wanted, and I was secure in knowing that I was awesome, no matter what others thought of me. Being fearless is what got me where I am, what allowed me to take charge of my happiness, and to be the best Jubi that I can be.

So...for my 29th year of life, the goal is to live each day as fearlessly as possible. To answer only to myself, hold myself to only my standard, and to know & believe in my heart that I can achieve anything I want.

I have some big goals. I've talked about entrepreneurship. I've decided to add published author to that list. Will those things happen before I'm 30? Who knows...but I do know that they will happen, because fear has been the only thing holding me back.