The Old-New Friend

How many of you have an old-new friend? Aight, I guess I should explain. An old-new friend is a friend that you had years ago, and for whatever reason yall lost touch, stopped talking, grew apart, etc. But after some time, you rediscover each other again & the friendship begins anew. It's not a continuation of the friendship you had before, there is a new dynamic, and it's almost as if you're getting to know each other for the first time.

Over the past year I've rekindled some old friendships, but I have two old-new friends. In both friendships, we were more acquaintances than friends. After some time & maturity on both parts, these friendships have grown into relationships that I enjoy & appreciate. I was pondering why this hadn't happened years ago, when I realized that it simply wasn't time. I know I wasn't in a place to truly be friends with either of these people, and I'm sure they weren't either. And with one friend, I had to grow as a person and get out of "the Black people box" for me to really appreciate them for who they are.

Having an old-new friend is pretty cool. You have a certain level of familiarity with them, yet you're discovering a new person, and so are they. You're starting over, but with someone you're already familiar with. Getting to know someone over again, seeing the person they've grown into & their new level of And seeing the changes in another person shows me just how much I've changed as well. I'm light-years away from the person I used to be, and I appreciate those who have allowed me to grow into a new person without holding my past against me.

I wonder if any of my defunct friendships can start anew, if just given time & the chance for both parties to grow & mature.

I hope so.

Have you ever experienced the old-new friend phenomenon? If an old acquaintance came back into your life, would you get to know them again?