The Movie I Can't See....

There's been a lot of buzz about the movie "Precious" over this past year, beginning with its buzz from Sundance, continuing with its buzz from Cannes and Toronto, and now because its getting a nationwide release on November 6.

I won't be in the audience.
Now let me explain...first, I'm a big movie buff. I will hit the movies almost every weekend, I really enjoy film, the writing/dialogue, the cinematography, the casting, the soundtrack/score, the costume & set designs, everything. I love everything from foreign films to those artsy ones that win all the film festivals, to the slapstick comedies.
More than that, I try to support films that feature people of color, whether in the cast or behind the scenes. Hollywood still thinks that Black people don't support films, so I try to do my part to break that stereotype and support great films.
So why am I saying that I'm not going to see Precious? A film that has won so many film festivals, that was in danger of never even being seen, a film with people of color both on screen and behind the lens?
Well...honestly, I dont think I will be able to handle it.
When I first saw the trailer, and heard the story/book it was based on, I cried. I couldn't handle the trailer. A girl who is sexually abused by both her parents, HIV-positive, illiterate and pregnant with her 2nd child by her father? That's a helluva a lot to deal with. What has been hardest for me is knowing that this isn't just a movie - there are real-life Precious's out there, with no advocate and no one to help them kind out of a horrible situation.
I cried at the trailer, so I know I will be a sobbing mess. Plus add in my own issues with sexual assault...and I worry that I'm strong enough to sit in the theater and watch this film.
But I encourage everyone to please go out and see this film. Please go support it, because Hollywood thinks we won't. And please let me know your thoughts on the film, I'd love to hear them.