The Honeymoon Is Over

Remember my excitement last year over getting a new job? I switched careers, companies, even the area  in town I was working. In the beginning it was great - a totally new experience that I was able to embrace. I was able to take the time I needed to learn a new industry and a new role, and get acclimated to the company culture. I enjoyed my projects and my team. Everything seemed like it was a great move to make...and then things changed over the summer. My manager transitioned to a new role, and a manager from a team within our department transferred over to replace her. These two managers are like night and day, and the transition for me was difficult. This is the first time I've gotten a new manager so I was unprepared for that experience. I had high hopes...but my new manager and I just don't have a good rapport. His management style and my working style totally clash, and it's been difficult for me to take his criticisms, since I feel most are unwarranted.

The first thing my new manager did was put me on a new project, which I can only describe as the seventh circle of hell. It's been a complete and total clusterfuck since the beginning, and instead of recognizing that they screwed up, my company has instead decided to throw more and more people at the problem. The problem isn't resources or manpower - the initial planning of this project was flawed from the beginning and no amount of people can now fix it. So I spend lots of time doing things that are "urgent" but really I just feel like I'm doing busy week. I'm way too smart to be spending time doing tasks that aren't value added.

So I say all of that to say...I'm unhappy. Not as unhappy as I was when I worked in the lab, but unhappy. I want to do something different - I want off this project, off this team, and really out of this department. Unfortunately I don't see my manager giving the go-ahead to move to a new team, especially since his entire team wants to move to other pursuits. I would love to just change roles/teams but I'm resigning myself to the idea that my only way to escape is to move companies. I don't feel optimistic that an internal move would be approved. Beyond that, my company has already done one round of layoffs, which was not handled well at all. I have zero confidence in my job security, and I'd rather leave on my own, instead of receiving a layoff notice.

It sucks that I'm job hunting once again...but it must be done. Here's hoping I find something soon.