The Highs and Lows of 2013

2014 will begin in 14 days. Where did the year go? I swear, I say that every year. Time used to go by so slow when I was a kid, but as a grown person now time flies by. I blinked & reached December. Things just go by so fast now. I started thinking about how I ended 2012 and all the things that happened over the course of 2013. Things I didn't anticipate, things I didn't like, things I loved, things that I wish had lasted longer.

2013 started with some angst for me. I was still feeling some kind of way about my breakup with the Vegas dude. .

So I put on my big girl panties and made some calls and found a therapist. Best decision I made, to finally go and talk to someone & get it all out. Learned that I can be ok with who am I, that I'm enough, that I truly am fucking awesome even with my flaws. 

Wanted to learn how to feel ok, then pick myself up when life knocked me down & had me feeling bad. Got my chance to practice this when I got dumped by two different guys in the span of a couple of weeks. Had to sit myself down after that, take a time out.

Went on a girls trip with my mom and sister. Got a chance to lay out & get brown & think & sip drinks in a bathing suit by the pool. Moderated some fights & shared some laughs & took lots of pics. Got some much-needed rest.

Shared some great times with my friends - concerts, plays, dinners, drinks, parties. My crew holds me down in a way that is invaluable.

Started a Meetup group for Black professionals in the Twin Cities with my friends. It's going well and I'm happy to have a place for Black people with some sense to get together and meet each other and enjoy some social time together.

Almost on a whim, went to DC for the Twitter DMV Cookout. Had a ball meeting new folks and seeing old folks. The next week I turned 31. The week after that, I moved into a new apartment. And the week after that, I went home to see family, attend a wedding & see Queen Bey in concert.

Work went from pleasing to dreadful, on account of a new boss and a new project, both of which I don't care for much. I've been shucking and jiving but I haven't enjoyed it.

Decided there was no time like the present to work on my real job of entrepreneurship, so I started a career blog. I've learned that a full-time job and trying to start a business are a struggle, especially when your day job leaves you so drained.

That DC Cookout turned out to be a great trip. A day of brunch and a movie and dinner turned into several visits and now a relationship and love. This man...this man is so amazing, and he loves me so truly and I'm so incredibly thankful that we found each other.

I'm ending the year by spending time with those I love, first my family and then my sweetie and good friends.

All in all, 2013 has been a good year. Everything hasn't gone my way, but I can't complain. I have my health, great people in my life, and I'm surrounded by love. Can't ask for more than that.