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The Game and Tasha Mack Is Showing Me Why Some Of Yall Are Single

Yes I know I said that BET has ruined The Game, but I'm still watching anyway #dontjudgeme.

Since the beginning of this season, the storyline involving Tasha Mack and Terrence J Dante Young has been very interesting to me. In case you don't watch the show, I'll give some background: Tasha Mack is a woman in her 40's, was a single teenage mother, definitely has man/bitterness issues, and is very successful & independent. Her boo Dante is much younger than her, but seems to genuinely care for her & wants to make their relationship work. So what's the problem? Two words: Tasha Mack.

Each week, I watch the behavior of Tasha Mack & I find myself shaking my head. Granted, I know she's a caricature, an exaggeration. But sadly, she's also the poster child for what some women do wrong.

So far this season we've seen Tasha Mack act a damn fool in her relationship with Dante. She's been bossy, demanding, spoiled & unyielding. She takes independent to the extreme, constantly trying to assert her independence & prove just how independent & "ballin" she is. And let's not even get on her loudmouth and tendencies to snap at someone with the slightest provocation. Of course, these aren't new behaviors; during the third season we saw the same behavior from Tasha Mack when she was dating Rick Fox.

A couple of weeks ago, Dante finally called it quits with Tasha Mack, after she snuck off to go see her ex for "closure" (c'mon now, closure? whatever yall). Basically he got tired of her crap, and his feelings for her weren't enough to offset the aggravation of her behavior. I gotta say, I can't blame him.

So like I said, I acknowledge that Tasha Mack is a character & meant to be over-the-top. But unfortunately, I've seen these same characteristics in women I know. I've also seen some of these behaviors in a younger version of Jubi - luckily I've gotten my shit together & toned it way down. But sadly a lot of women have no clue about how much of a turnoff their behavior is. Sure you may find a man who will put up with it for a while, but he won't put up with it forever.

Ladies, it's not cute or cool to act a damn fool with your man. Cursing out your man all the time and snapping on folks is not cute. Constantly talking about how independent you are & how you don't need anyone to take care of you is not cute either. But it is a great way to end up alone...just like Tasha Mack.

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