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The Cuddlebuddy

So I'm in MI visiting my family for the holidays, and it is freaking cold! The max temp since I've been here has been 25 degrees, and we've gotten about 2 feet of snow in 4 days. Today I found myself wishing I had a cuddlebuddy to keep mee warm. For those that are unaware, a cuddlebuddy is a dude whose sole purpose is to cuddle with you. He is not a JO (jumpoff) or a FwB (friend with benefits), he's not even a simp (a topic that we'll address later). He's just a guy that you call when you need to be held, and then comes over and you cuddle with him and normally go to sleep. When you wake up you both go your separate ways until the next time you call him for another cuddle session.

Most men can't understand the concept of a cuddlebuddy (CB), even though most have played the role at some point in their life. Most men think a dude who only cuddles with a woman and doesn't get or attempt anything sexual is either a sucker or a simp. But the cuddlebuddy serves an important role. Think about it: you can't cuddle with a JO, cause you dont want them to get any ideas that you have any interest in them beyond the sex; a FwB could fill the role, if necessary, but then you start to blur the line between FwB and actual relationship, and you may not be ready for that. So if you want to be held and cuddled but don't want to give off any unintended signals, you have no choice but to either get a cuddlebuddy or cuddle with your favorite stuffed animal, and a CB is much more fun.

I remember my first CB. It was my first year of college, and I went to school in Minnesota, so pretty quickly I was lamenting the cold and wishing I had someone to keep me warm. I met my CB through a mutual friend, and we hit it off pretty quickly. We would skip Calc 1 and cuddle in my little twin bed in my dormroom and take a nap. That was fun.

During the rest of my collegiate career, I always kept a CB. In Minnesota, when it can snow from October to April, it is necessary to keep warm. I even had a few in Atlanta, because it does get pretty chilly there too. Unfortunately I haven't had too many in Orlando, but I wouldnt mind getting one. Even though its not cold, its still nice to have someone hold you in their arms.

So for all you single folks, freezing your butts off, I suggest you go out and find a cuddlebuddy this winter.

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