The Beckys have won...

I was debating whether or not to post this (see the previous post on censoring my blog) but I said what the hell. This weekend I went out twice, one night in Tampa and one night in Orlando. As usual, I'm sitting back in people-watching mode, observing the scene. And both nights I saw the same thing. BECKYS ARE OFFICIALLY RUNNING THE SHOW!

I guess the saying is true "If it ain't white, it ain't right"...All I saw this weekend is Black men running, skipping, jumping, shucking and jiving, and falling all over themselves for White chicks. Didn't matter what the chick looked like, she could be cute, ugly, skinny, fat, tall, short, 3 eyes, 1 arm, long as she was pale and lacked "Black" features then she was worth the Black man's time and energy.

The sistas? OH, we out of style like 8-tracks and Jheri curls...yeah a few people might have them but for the most part, you not seeing them out and about...We have to find other alternatives. Only problem is...nobody is really checking for us....I saw the White men going for the Beckys, the Latino men going for the Beckys, and the Asian men going for the was like a Becky lovefest everywhere I went.

I'm a bit torn, because on one hand I'm annoyed, yet on the other hand I chalk it up as part of the game. Can't be in demand all the time, unless of course you're a Becky.

Oh, and the Beckys have gotten bold too....I went to a date auction to support an acquaintance from work, and I bid on him to help him out. The White girl looked dead at me and said "I'mma take your man" with such attitude....and I promptly told her "You can have him, he's just my co-worker"...I really wanted to add "tramp" on the end of that but that would've been mean. I couldn't believe it though, I mean, who does that? Clearly she thought we were dating and said "I'on give a fuck I'mma do what I gotta do to get that Black man"...*insert eye roll*

In other news, a Black man told me that I'm too big for that was amusing....