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"Talk To Me" Review

This afternoon I finally got a chance to see "Talk To Me"....In case you haven't heard of it, it stars Don Cheadle as Petey Green, an ex-con who became a famous and influential DJ in DC. I had heard really great things about this movie and was anxious to see it, and while reading the morning paper I saw it was finally playing in Orlando.

This movie was a great experience. I laughed and I even shed a few tears (they played "A Change Is Gonna Come" when discussing Dr. King's death, and that song ALWAYS makes me cry). Don Cheadle's performance was great, I've always been a fan of his. Taranji P. Henson played his longtime girlfriend, and she did a fabulous job as well, and her body is on point, she was looking good, I now have a new fitness goal.

What I loved most about this movie was the idea that back then radio was for the community, for the people, and you could really see how local radio made an impact on each individual community. Nowadays, every station is either owned by Clear Channel or RadioONE, so no matter where you go, you hear the same 5 songs regardless of the regional tastes, and the radio stations simply play tracks and "host parties" at random clubs. Radio doesn't give the same since of community like it used to. Hell, who even listens to the radio anymore? I know I don't.

Overall, it was a great film, I'm glad I finally got to see it. Check it out if its playing in your area.....

Postsecret was all about me today....

Sounds like a fakeout to me....