Staycation Time

Photo by  Link Hoang  on  Unsplash

Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash


As I mentioned on Friday, this week I’m having a staycation! I’m tackling a couple of home projects, knitting and napping.

I should probably have some content banked for days like this but I don’t, sorry!

In the meantime, check out some interesting podcast episodes I listened to recently:

If you’ve got the 4th of July off, enjoy it with some BBQ (and send me a plate!)

See you all on Friday!

22. Summer Vibes


It’s officially summer - yay!

I love summer, probably because I’m a summer baby. The days are longer, there’s sunshine and there’s tons to do. We didn’t get much of a spring but it looks like summer is making an appearance and I’m grateful for the warmer weather, and the opportunity to wear all these cute summer dresses.

Summer is also prime vacation season and I’m itching to take a trip, but we have no idea where to! William and I also have a difference of opinion on if it should be an adults-only trip (his vote) or a family trip (my vote). We've looked at cruises and a few resorts but the pricing is best in late August/early September, which is prime hurricane time. Also flights from our home airport are absymal which is a shame considering we live in a Delta hub (tho I suppose that’s why our flight prices are so ridiculous). I may do a long weekend in Vegas with my line sister, but I’d really love to do a family trip, even if it’s just a road trip to a resort or cabin up north. I just need a nice place that won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

Where should we go for a vacation with our 2 year old?

Things I Read This Week:

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Other Stuff:

This week I was selected for my second test knit! I’m working on a cowl knit in super bulky yarn so it should knit up really quickly.

Also World Knit in Public Day is next Saturday - I plan to join a local knit shop at a local museum for a few hours of knitting.

Sephora sent me a coupon code via the app, so I took a stroll through my local store last week and discovered that Dr Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water is back! I absolutely loved it and was so sad when I saw it was gone, but looks like they tweaked it and then restocked. It’s an awesome product to take off makeup or just cleanse your skin without water.

And I’m still taking clients for resume reviews, interview prep and career mentoring! Visit my professional site to learn more.

We're Headed To Italy!

OMG I'm so ready to get to Italy! Six months ago, LM and I went on an amazing trip to Dubai and Abu Dhabi and as soon as we got back, we were itching to book our next trip. There were a ton of deals, and we booked a deal to Lima...but we wound up canceling when we realized how expensive it would be to do Machu Piccu. A few weeks later, we found an Emirates deal to Italy and we decided to book it!

Over the past few months we've planned an awesome trip for 10 days in four Italian cities. We start and end in Milan, and we'll also visit Rome, Florence and Venice. Lots of people have given us tips on things to do and things to see, but I'm most excited to drink wine, eat Italian food and stuff my face with gelato. Ok, I might be excited about the art and architecture too. And I'm really excited about the Da Vinci and Galileo museums in Florence - I get to nerd out on vacation.

I'll be sharing photos of the trip on Instagram and my observations on Twitter. Follow me on both to catch all the fun! I'm @Jubilance1922 on both Twitter and Instagram!