29. Lazy Summer Days

Photo by   Ylanite Koppens   from   Pexels

Happy Friday!

I must admit - I’m writing this post on Friday morning, from my day job. Normally I write this post on Wed evening and finish it on Thursday evening, but I’ve been struggling the past few weeks with having a consistent writing schedule. since I took my staycation. Basically I’ve been lazy, LOL. But it’s summer so there should be some level of slowness and chill time, right?

My chillness has even extended to my knitting - I’m trying to add stock to my Etsy shop but I’ve lost the motivation to knit!

Hopefully next week I can get back to actually writing in advance and also regain my knitting mojo. Send me some motivation and less heat!

Things I Read This Week:

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Hustlers looks like it's gonna be amazing - check out the real story that inspired the movie

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Twitter Reacts To The Abject Insanity That Is The 'Cats' Trailer

Other Stuff:

William and I started watching Nurse Jackie on Netflix - this show is hilarious! Looks like it will be our new show to watch together.

While everyone will be seeing The Lion King this weekend, I think I’m going to see The Farewell instead. All the reviews of the film have been excellent, and I loved the original This American Life story that inspired the film.

Enjoy your weekend!

26. Halfway There


Hi friends, happy Friday!

It’s the end of June which means we’re halfway through 2019! Doesn’t it feel like the year just started?

I started 2019 by doing the things that I’ve been wanting to do, but was afraid to try - starting my Etsy shop, completing 1K1Day, and starting my consulting firm. I also made a commitment to myself to stick to a regular content schedule and I’m proud to say that I’ve followed through with that. It has not always been easy, but as I continue to push myself to write, I find more ideas coming to me, and it easier to write posts. I’ve been toying with the idea of increasing my post schedule to three days a week but I think that might be too much pressure, so i’ll stick with my Tuesday & Friday schedule for now, with an occasional extra post thrown in when I feel compelled to say something.

I tackled a lot of big stuff in the first part of the year, so for the second half I plan to stay focused on my commitments and and continue to grow my businesses. It’s summer but I need to start creating inventory for my shop, and also work on marketing plans for JTM Consulting. Beyond that, I’m going to enjoy this beautiful summer with my little family and enjoy some time at the pool.

Things I Read This Week:

Elaine Welteroth shares the highs and lows of her time as a Black editor in chief in ZORA Magazine

Did you know that hundreds of police officers in the US belong to racist Facebook groups?

If you're drowning in emails, Man Repeller has an email organization hack for you

Design Mom dug into the link between Alzheimers and menopause

A couple live streamed their "surprise" proposal...but turns out there was more to it

I learned how one of my favorite memes ("Homer Simpson Backs Into The Bushes") came to be

The Cut did a deep dive profile on the rise and fall of Babe.net

Glamour says we need to make double proposals a thing

Before Stonewall, there was the Compton's Cafeteria Riot

Reddit users shared a list of underrated women from history and I learned about some amazing women

This week's #lifetips: how to wash dry clean only clothes at home, and yummy 30 minute dinner ideas

Do you have what it takes to be Beyonce's assistant? Spoiler alert: I totally got fired :-(

For your next trip, why not try a surprise vacation?

Congrats Connecticut, you got a new paid leave law!

The Atlantic declares "The Boomers Ruined Everything"

Other Stuff:

Next week I’m taking a much needed staycation! Originally I was going to just take Friday off, since it’s going to be a quiet week I decided to take the whole week for myself. I’m going to tackle a couple of projects around the house, sleep and start knitting stock for JTM Knits.

Also my birthday is next Saturday! I’m turning 37 so I’m going to just have a chill, relaxed birthday lunch with my family, and then hang out with some friends in the evening.

I really want to get back into reading. I stopped reading because it became my knitting time, and I can’t read and knit at the same time. I was considering trying out Audible, and yesterday I learned they are doing a great promotion, and that was all the enticement I needed to sign up. The promo is 3 months for $5/mo (normally it’s $15/mo) so you’re getting 2 months free!

Enjoy your weekend!

22. Summer Vibes


It’s officially summer - yay!

I love summer, probably because I’m a summer baby. The days are longer, there’s sunshine and there’s tons to do. We didn’t get much of a spring but it looks like summer is making an appearance and I’m grateful for the warmer weather, and the opportunity to wear all these cute summer dresses.

Summer is also prime vacation season and I’m itching to take a trip, but we have no idea where to! William and I also have a difference of opinion on if it should be an adults-only trip (his vote) or a family trip (my vote). We've looked at cruises and a few resorts but the pricing is best in late August/early September, which is prime hurricane time. Also flights from our home airport are absymal which is a shame considering we live in a Delta hub (tho I suppose that’s why our flight prices are so ridiculous). I may do a long weekend in Vegas with my line sister, but I’d really love to do a family trip, even if it’s just a road trip to a resort or cabin up north. I just need a nice place that won’t cost us an arm and a leg.

Where should we go for a vacation with our 2 year old?

Things I Read This Week:

What Is an Enneagram and Why Is Everyone Talking About Them Right Now? (The Everygirl)

Serena Williams Is A Mother & Champion In Her Rule-Breaking French Open Look (Refinery29)

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Man Restoring a Classic Synthesizer Goes On a 9-Hour Acid Trip After Accidentally Touching LSD-Covered Knob (Gizmodo)

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The Beauty Editor's Guide To Drugstore Face Masks (Refinery29)

How To Create Capsule Wardrobes (Wardrobe Oxygen)

Other Stuff:

This week I was selected for my second test knit! I’m working on a cowl knit in super bulky yarn so it should knit up really quickly.

Also World Knit in Public Day is next Saturday - I plan to join a local knit shop at a local museum for a few hours of knitting.

Sephora sent me a coupon code via the app, so I took a stroll through my local store last week and discovered that Dr Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water is back! I absolutely loved it and was so sad when I saw it was gone, but looks like they tweaked it and then restocked. It’s an awesome product to take off makeup or just cleanse your skin without water.

And I’m still taking clients for resume reviews, interview prep and career mentoring! Visit my professional site to learn more.

17. Switching It Up

Photo by  Tembela Bohle  from  Pexels

Photo by Tembela Bohle from Pexels


Happy Friday friends - we made it to the weekend!

This week I stood in my closet, looked at everything in my section, and declared that I have nothing to wear. Of course that isn’t literally true, but it feels that way. During this long winter I’ve worn the pieces over…and over…and over. I don’t even want to look at another sweater again! The chances of any more snow storms are low (knock on wood) so I’m going to switch over my closet this week. BTW, is that not a thing that people do? I mentioned I was going to do this on Twitter, and someone asked me what it meant! Unfortunately we don’t have the space for my entire wardrobe to live in my closet all-year round, so I have to switch things out based on the season.

I also need to pick up some new items and I’m approaching it thoughtfully this time around. Normally I’ll just go to the mall/browse websites and order whatever is on sale and cute (cause we don’t do full price ever). Last year I read Rachel Miller’s awesome Buzzfeed piece about how she gave herself a dress code, and it immediately struck me as a genius move. When I thought about my own closet, I realized that I actually wear a lot of the same stuff over and over, and some things in my closet are never touched. So as I switch over my closet and incorporate some new pieces, I’m doing it thoughtfully based on what items I actually need (either a staple piece or replacing something I wear regularly) and my personal style/what I enjoy wearing.

My preferred style is classic, almost borderline preppy. I don’t do a lot of prints but I love stripes. For spring and summer, I plan to wear lots of dresses, skirts and slim ankle pants with cute tops and maybe a cardigan as needed (cause yall know I stay freezing). For my shoe collection, invested in a pair of Rothy’s because everyone has raved about how awesome they are, and I picked up some cute flat sandals from J Crew. To round out my wardrobe I’m on the hunt for cute, delicate jewelry, and my look will be complete.

As I pack away my winter stuff I’ll donate my winter things that I didn’t wear this winter, so that I don’t make the same mistake next year.

Things I read this week:

A Troll's Alleged Attempt to Purge Porn Performers from Instagram (Jezebel)

Inside The World Of Stay-At-Home Moms Who Blog For Profit (Buzzfeed News)

Ancestry.com romanticizes slavery to sell you a DNA kit (MPR News)

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Abigail Disney Scorches Wage Inequality at Disney: “Reward All of Your Workers Fairly” (Vanity Fair)

I Spent $17K to Freeze My Eggs—and I Regret Every Penny (Glamour)

What Does Being Basic Look Like in 2019? (Man Repeller)

You Can Opt Out of Facial Recognition Screening at an Airport (Lifehacker)

Reply All’s Brilliant Roman Mars Episode Messes With the Podcasting Industry (Vulture)

How airport scanners discriminate against passengers of color (Vox)

The Disciplines Where No Black People Earn Ph.D.s (The Atlantic)

In Defense of Hating Popular Things (MEL Magazine)

Amazon created the expectation of 2-day shipping. Now it needs to scale back. (Vox)

Your Debt Isn't a Personal Failure (Jezebel)

How Did Megan Thee Stallion Become the Next Hottest Rapper Out of Houston? (Vulture)

Other Stuff:

As this post publishes, I’ll be seeing Avengers: Endgame - I truly hope it’s as good as everyone says it will be! I’m actually seeing it twice on Friday so I hope it’s worth sitting through twice in one day.

I’m also volunteering for a few hours at the Yarnover, which is a conference hosted by the MN Knitters Guild. I recently joined and I thought this would be a good way to get involved with the Guild. I also expected to do some shopping but I realized that I have too projects on my to-do list, so I’m going to try to refrain from buying more yarn (but no guarantees!)

Need something to watch on Netflix? I really enjoyed Love Death & Robots.

I’m currently taking clients for both Career Mentoring as well as Ace the Interview Prep Sessions!

Enjoy your weekend!