28. Reunion


Happy happy Friday friends! We made it to another weekend!

This week I got invited to a new Facebook group, for my high school 20th reunion. I graduated in 2000, so next year will make 20 years.

In some ways, tt doesn’t feel like I graduated 20 years ago tho. Like I just became an adult a hot second ago. It’s only been in the last five years that I got married, had a baby and bought a house. I didn’t feel like an adult for a very long time, and there are still times when I don’t, like when I remember that I still need to rollover two 401ks. It’s so weird to that almost twenty years ago, I was fresh out of high school and embarking on my (sort of) adult life.

Right now I’m on the fence about going to my reunion. I didn’t go to my 10 year because I didn’t want to buy a flight to catch up with folks that I could just catch up with on Facebook. Also (surprise surprise) I was pretty nerdy and awkward back then. I was an ugly duckling who blossomed once I left my hometown and moved away for college and grad school. In the past twenty years, I’ve grown and changed a lot and so have my old classmates, so maybe it’s worth taking a trip back home for next year’s reunion. And even if the reunion itself is trash, we can spend our time visiting with family, which is a plus.

Did any of yall go to your high school reunions? Was it worth it or was it just a waste of time?

Things I Read This Week:

Vox asks a good question: “What does an engagement ring signify?”

Wardrobe Oxygen provided a good breakdown of how blogs make money - as a blogger I found it super helpful!

Chief Mom Officer paid off her mortgage and shares how life is going post-mortgage

MEL Magazine has advice on how to correct people who mispronounce your name (this is something I’m an expert at!)

In The Atlantic, Emily Oster breaks down a new study focusing on marijuana and pregnancy

Did you know that the BeautyBlender was invented on the set of Girlfriends?

Black Lady Sketch Show is coming to HBO and I’M HERE FOR IT!

Did you know there are Facebook groups where you can pretend to be a Baby Boomer? I’m intrigued

A Detroit music festival charged white people more than BIPOC and people are mad (I find nothing wrong with this btw)

Vox digs into the explosion of tourists in Antelope Canyon, one of the most Instagrammed places in the world.

A Canadian official said something stupid & Twitter rightly dragged him

Two great posts from Design Mom about the Jeffrey Epstein story and how we should do-over social media

This week’s life tip: hand wash your delicate clothes with a salad spinner!

Other Stuff:

I had a very delightful birthday! I spent time with my family and also with a good group of girlfriends, and it was the perfect way to spend my birthday - low-key, chill and relaxing. William got me a Sephora giftcard which was perfect since I currently have twelve items sitting in my cart. Josephine also spent the entire weekend saying “Happy birthday Mommy!” which was adorbs every single time.

A few months ago I saw this jumpsuit featured on Putting Me Together and I put it in my cart…and then sat on it for awhile. I finally pulled the trigger back in June, and I wore it for the first time for my birthday dinner. Listen, this jumpsuit is the holy grail. It’s like wearing pajamas out but still looking cute. Highly recommend! Two thumbs up!

Do you read Refinery29? I skim it cause they publish A LOT and a lot of it is salesy/clickbaity, but they have some good stuff mixed in. They recently launched a new vertical focused on Black women called R29 Unbothered, and they have a fantastic IG as well. Definitely follow if you need Black woman inspo & love in your IG feed.

Enjoy your weekend!

23. A Movie Challenge


You know what’s great? When you have weirdo friends who are as weird and random as you. Stick with me, this is going somewhere.

Like six months ago, I was out (on a school night!) with my friends Jessica and Claire for some Jamaican food, drinks and gossip. The three of us have the most random conversations every time we’re together, and that night was no exception. I have no idea how the topic even came up, but Jessica casually mentioned that she has watched every movie that Stanley Tucci has made. I love Stanley Tucci so I was intrigued - turns out, she did this as a challenge with a friend of hers, like a personal bucket list thing.

So then I started thinking about what actor I love enough to want to do this type of challenge. And the answer immediately came to me - Samuel L Jackson. He’s one of my favorite actors, he’s done a variety of films, and his IMDB list is long. I scrolled through his list of roles on IMDB and I realized that I’ve only seen about a quarter of the films he’s made. So I’m setting a challenge for myself, to watch every feature film Samuel L Jackson is credited in. For the purposes of this challenge I’m skipping the shorts he made (cause I’m assuming I won’t be able to get my hands on them) but all the other feature length movies are on my agenda. I’ll also rewatch movies I’ve already seen for the purpose of the challenge.

I’ll be sharing updates periodically with what I watched and what I thought of the movie, and Sam’s performance.

This should be fun!

Also if I can pull this off, I totally might do this with an actress - any suggestions on who? Maybe Meryl?

Things I Read This Week:

Here (and queer) (The REWM)

The Real Difference Between Creators and Influencers (The Atlantic)

Let Black Babies Be Wild And Free (Mater Mea)

The Divided House of Lorne Michaels (Jezebel)

The #StayAndFight coalition urges Hollywood to reconsider boycotting Georgia (Vox)

Reddit Asks the Question: 'What is Common Knowledge in Your Field that Others Don't Know?' (Pajiba)

Men Share Their Abortion Stories: “We Both Knew We Weren’t Ready” (Man Repeller)

What Every Successful Person Knows, But Never Says (James Clear)

The rise of granny panties (Vox)

Chicken Farmers Thought Trump Was Going to Help Them. Then His Administration Did the Opposite. (ProPublica)

There Are Two Types of Airport People

A Montessori summer—how to give your kids freedom *and* structure (Motherly)

Gaslighting: How To Recognize It And Protect Yourself (Ravishly)

LaCroix’s era as the coolest seltzer in America is over (Vox)

After Sephora Announces Companywide Diversity Training, Customers Say Racial Profiling Isn't the Only Problem (The Root)

A Neonatal ICU Nurse Donated Her Uterus to Help a Stranger Become Pregnant (Jezebel)

A Bride Kicked a Guest Out of Her Wedding Because She Thought Her Dress Was Too White (Glamour)

Texas Teacher Outs Herself on Twitter as MAGA-t Who Wants to Help Trump Round Up 'Illegal Students' in Her School (The Root)

Too Many People Want to Travel (The Atlantic)

These Reporters Lost Their Jobs. Now They’re Fighting Back Against Big Tech. (Buzzfeed)

Ancestry DNA Test Results Are Not Only Widely Misinterpreted, They’re Potentially Damaging (MEL Magazine)

Other Stuff:

I finally got a chance to break out my summer dresses! I got this Old Navy jersey swing dress and loved it so much, I bought a second one! I’m also wearing this maxi dress every chance I get, and best of all, it has pockets!

Have you watched Always Be My Maybe on Netflix yet? I watched it last Friday night and I loved it! It’s a really adorable romcom, but the best part is that the entire cast is people of color, and the majority are Asian. Ali Wong is so great in it, but the star for me was Randall Park (aka the dad on Fresh Off the Boat).

My Mother’s Day gift from William and Josephine has turned into my favorite daily accessory - I wear it almost everyday.

I’m still on the hunt for my Holy Grail foundation, so I took advantage of the Tarte sale to pick up the Shape Tape foundation. I love some of their other products so I’m hoping I’ll love the foundation too.

Enjoy your weekend!

My Hunt For A Great Work Bag

In college, I ditched backpacks in favor of tote bags. Backpacks made me feel like I was still a kid, but my first tote gave me the grown-up feel and appearance I was looking for. Over the years I've amassed quite a collection of tote bags, varying in size, material and price point. I've also spent the last few years carrying my laptop back and forth to work in a tote instead of laptop bag, cause face it, 99% of laptop bags are ugly and/or aren't functional enough for me. 

As a single lady, I carried two bags to work - my purse and my tote. My tote was the catch-all for all my extra stuff, like my laptop, notebook, lunch (if I managed to pack it), etc. This system wasn't the best, but it worked and it didn't feel the need to upgrade my work bag. I also wasn't the type to bring my laptop home each evening, unless I planned to work from home the next day or over the weekend. 

All of that changed when I returned to work after my maternity leave. After the first couple of weeks, I knew that I needed a new system. My laptop now comes home with me each evening, plus I need to transport my pumping supplies and/or lunch. Some days I ended up with 3 bags and it felt like I was a Bag Lady, so I set out to find a new bag. 

I wanted something cute and functional, and there are a lot of new options out there. A few women suggested I check out Dagne Dover, and I also checked out Lo & Sons based on a Twitter recommendation. I loved the bags but I was afraid to pull the trigger on a $100+ work bag that might not fit my needs. I love a nice bag, but what's the point if it doesn't help me downsize?

After several hours and Google searches, I decided to order the CommuteHer bag from Betabrand. I really liked how functional this bag was, with a variety of pockets and ability to store lots of items. The CommuteHer bag can hold all my gear: a water bottle, umbrella, keys, headphones, work bag, wallet, makeup kit, sunglasses, laptop, pumping supplies, and lunch! The bag is nylon which I'm not a huge fan of, but it doesn't absorb water when it rains, which is a plus. And best of all, I'm down to ONE BAG, yay! 

I've been carrying the CommuteHer bag for about six weeks now, and it's made my commute so much easier. The only drawback is that I need to switch some items to a purse when I go out in the evening or on weekends, but I'm able to transfer my wallet, makeup kit and keys pretty easily. Overall I'm super happy with this purchase...though I do have my eye on other bags, but I'll stick with this one for now.