37. Look It Up

Photo by   rawpixel.com   from   Pexels

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels


Happy Friday friends!

To know me is to know that I’m an information junkie. I love knowledge and learning new things. As a kid I loved reading, and the thing I loved to read the most was our set of World Book Encyclopedias. Legit, I was really into it! We don’t have encyclopedias anymore, but we do have Wikipedia - I have happily wasted 2 hours of my life at a time, tumbling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole as I learn about things I’ve always wondered about, or discovered something new.

I was reminded that I’m just “different” from folks on Wednesday, when I saw a tweet from a young flight attendant who didn’t know that TSA was created as a direct response to the events of 9/11. Their justification was that “flight attendant education didn’t teach them that”.

Everyone might not be as curious as I am, but I found it so weird to only know things because you’re taught them in a school setting. I learn new things everyday thanks to my phone and Google Assistant. Seriously, I use it at least 10 times a day - I start my day asking Google what the forecast is, and I’m off to the races after that. Just this week I asked Google what Whoopi Goldberg’s birth name is, who owns the different Premier League teams, and when This Is Us premieres. William and I regularly whip out our phones to look something up to settle a bet, or to reference an actor’s IMDB page.

Seriously yall, there’s too much information out here for folks to walk around ignorant, or just having questions. Just look it up, or send it to me and I’ll look it up, cause I’ve probably wanted to know the answer myself.

Things I Read This Week:

It’s almost time for new fall shows, and Vulture has a roundup of the best new shows to watch this fall

The Wing sounds like a really terrible place for Black women

I love this roundtable discussion on protective hairstyles

Ask A Manager shared a great Q&A with a transgender woman about her experience in the workplace

Several outlets are reporting that LEEP procedures could be the cause of sexual dysfunction in many women

This week’s life tip: How to wash your “hand wash only” clothes

A woman took an AncestryDNA test and wound up reuniting with the “anonymous” cord blood donor that saved her life

If you haven’t read the Caroline Calloway story yet, you must cause it’s WILD

Uber & Lyft claim not to serve underage kids, but it’s not stopping teens from using the services

Best part of Designing Women? Julia Sugerbaker

This week I learned that Medicaid can (and will) take your loved one’s home to pay for nursing home care, and that feels incredibly wrong

Buzzfeed shared the emotional stories of women serving life in prison

Other Stuff:

This week is the “fun week” at my company - they bring in really cool speakers, we have tons of fun events and giveaways, and it all culminates in our big sales meeting. We all gather in the Target Center and spend the afternoon listening to speakers and enjoying performances. It’s my favorite time of year at work and it never disappoints. This year’s highlight was a talk with Elaine Welteroth, who I adore.

So this high school in Famington Hills, MI allows their students to dress up for their student ID pics, and I find this so adorable and charming! I love how the inspo ranges from celebs to memes to pop culture.

I just got over the worst cold in the history of colds, and I’m so happy I won’t be spending my entire weekend in bed, like I did last weekend. Beyond doing the normal adulting things, I’m going to take myself to go see Hustlers - I’m so excited that it’s finally out!

Enjoy your weekend friends!