Stuff Older Folks Should Leave To the Youngsters

I was talking to my mom this week, and somehow the topic got on tattoos. I was talking about what I wanted for my next one (yes I want a new tattoo already) and that's when my mom said "I want a new tattoo too. On my wrist." 0_o

Yall know I had to talk mom out of that one. I can't cosign that at all. Especially because I have a wrist tattoo - what I look like with a tattoo in the same place my mom has one? Plus my mom is...well...a woman of a certain age, and I think after a certain point, you should just leave something to the young folks. Which leads me to...

 Jubi's list of things older people should leave to the youngsters:

  • Getting new tattoos or piercings, especially in locations that cannot be covered - I love tattoos as much as the next person, but I equate them, and piercings, as a youthful indulgence. Tattoos in a location that isn't easily covered really strike me as a youthful indulgence, often because those who get them don't take into account how that tattoo can & will affect their future.With the exception of ear-piercing, piercings also have a youthful connotation to me, and I would be really surprised to see an older person with a new piercing, especially if it was a piercing that was uncommon.
  • Wearing super trendy clothing, especially if its short, tight, or loud - I love fashion & fashion trends, but even at 28 I know there are some trends & items that are best left up to the tweens & teens. With age should come a more classic, timeless style of dress. Dressing too young for your age, especially when it's ill-fitting or exposes too much, often comes off as a desperate attempt to reclaim or hold onto one's youth. Keep it classy & classic please. Not saying older people should wear highwater pants & sensible shoes, but everything in their closet shouldn't come from Forever 21 or say Rocawear either. If you don't know what I'm talking about here, feel free to visit Your Mom Is In The Club. Thank me later for the laughs.
  • Listening to only pop music, especially if its stuff that makes the 106&Park Top Ten every week - Am I the only one who is really surprised when you find out an older person loves popular music, and ignant popular music at that? It just seems so....WRONG to me. Not saying folks should listen to old school music 24/7, but I'm concerned when anyone over the age of 18 knows all the words to "No Hands" & thinks Drake is the epitome of classic music (before yall start, yes I stan for Drake but he's nowhere near the end-all be-all in music for Jubi).  
  • Being the oldest person in the club/lounge on a consistent basis - Going out is fine, I encourage everyone to enjoy themselves. But keep it age appropriate please. We've all been in the club & seen that person who is old enough to be our grandparent out kicking it, and it's hella weird.

Ok, I was kinda tongue-in-cheek with this one, but kinda not. Call me ageist, but I think there's some stuff that older folks just shouldn't do. With age should come wisdom and maturity, at least a little bit, and I really just hate to see older folks doing the same dumb stuff that I see young people doing.

Am I wrong here? What things do you think older people should leave to the younger set?