Stop Feeding The Damn Trolls

Another #31writenow post...we're keeping the party going... Twitter is an interesting place. Depending on who you follow, you can engage in enlightening intellectual conversations, or you can be bombarded by the logic of a 2-year-old. I have a short tolerance for purposeful ignorance, so my timeline is dominated by those who know how to think coherently. But sadly, some ignorance always makes it across my timeline daily; usually RTed by someone in an incredulous "can you believe this nonsense?" way. Before long that ignorance has sparked a whole new discussion, with the sane intelligent folks commenting on the ignorant tweet.

Yeah...ya'll gotta stop that.

It's not even worth it.

I used to be one of those folks who would see a dumb comment on Twitter, and it would spark a 30+ tweet rant. But I soon realized that those rants were happening way too often. Every damn day there's someone who thinks a woman over 86 pounds is fat, or men have to spend $200 on each date, or something else equally stupid or offensive. At first I shared hoping to educate, but I soon realized that 1) the people who needed that info weren't following me and would probably never see it; and 2) these people who post these shock tweets are simply looking for attention. Especially the ones that are just so stupid that it's the "a stack a week is $26K a year" tweet. I mean come on, no one is that dumb. Yeah we all have momentary lapses of judgement and tweet something stupid...but some folks have made a Twitter career out of it.

Apparently RTs and LOLs and folks in your mentions (whether they cosigning or cussing you out) makes some folks happy. I don't get it, but it is what it is. But I don't have to play along, and neither should you. Sometimes you have to ignore folks. Depriving them of what they want - the attention - is the best lesson.

Stop feeding the trolls folks.