St. Louis

So I'm in St. Louis for the weekend, kicking it with my friend KR.

What prompted this trip was a convo we had a couple weeks ago, where we decided that we would "see what was up" between us. In the 7 years we've known each other, we've each had an interest in the other, but never made a move.
So I've been in St. Louis for a little over 24 hours, and so far? So not good. Its not poppin. In fact, its a bit awkward. Mostly because he's not the type of dude that I would go for if I was choosing a guy NOW, he's the type of guy that me 7 years ago would have chosen.
Sure he's fun, a ton of laughs, a great homie to kick it with and wild out...but that person in me comes out like twice a year now, max. The things in a man that are important to me now, either he doesn't possess or chooses to not exercise those attributes in favor of having fun.
As of right now, I'm gonna say that we're gonna walk away from this weekend still clearly in our friend space, and I'm totally ok with that. We couldn't have known for sure until we tried.