Some quick notes

Had a great weekend. Dates on Thursday and Friday with the same young man, who is the cutest thing ever. Lots of fun.

Managed to do laundry, wash dishes, and other domestic duties without going crazy. And I even cleaned and organized my closet, which was a feat in itself cause it was a mess.

This is a short week, thank goodness...last week was so long, having to work all 5 days. I'm tempted to ask my boss if I can work a flex schedule and just work 10 hours M-Th and have every Friday off...that would be sweet.

Oh and apparently I'm the only person in the US who cares about voter ID laws. Everyone else seems to think its a good idea. Its just a Jedi Mind Trick from the powers that be, and I think its dispicable how we keep folks from their right to vote in this country. I'm still an advocate of Election Day becoming a holiday and knocking down some of the barriers that are in place that stop people from voting.