So Much Has Happened...

Since the last time I wrote.  I had a lot on my plate, a lot on my mind, I celebrated my 28th birthday, and did some traveling.  So this is probably gonna turn into a long-ass recap post, apologizes in advance. The last time I wrote about myself, I was struggling with my dating situation with the attorney & his lack of desire to be in a committed relationship after months of dating.  I gave it a lot of thought, and then I decided to leave it alone.  We continued to see each other, and I just felt like it was a futile effort.  I had trouble making a clean break, mostly cause I was hoping too hard for something to change.

While I was trying to figure that out, I was still going on dates with other dudes.  One guy (we'll call him Akeem - think Coming to America, cause he's Nigerian)  pursued me hard-core, but I wasn't very interested.  The first time we went out, it was late & I was super-tired, and he turned me off when he started talking about how much easier Black ppl have it in this country.  I gave him one more chance, and the second date was even worse - I had to have my friend call me so that I could escape!  I was so done with Akeem, but he was persistent.  He flat-out told me that he was going to pursue me until I told him to leave me I gave him one more chance.  I'm glad I did cause that date was great, we really got a chance to talk and get to know each other.  We have a lot in common & enjoy each other's company...and as a plus he's pro-relationship.

The Friday before my birthday I had a birthday dinner with my Mpls friends.  I had a good time, tho Akeem didn't make it & didn't call (long story).  The attorney was there tho...and that night was the night I was finally done. I was finally ready to be done.  It wasn't worth it anymore to try to keep something going.  I hope that we can still be friends, but I doubt we will, he's too distant & detached.

Usually I do a birthday trip with LK, but he flaked on me this year, so I decided to go home & see my family.  I'm glad I did, I had such a good time. I drove home because I refused to spend $350 on a flight.  The drive was ok, I had my road rage moments with the slow folks who refuse to leave the left lane, but overall it was ok.

So what did I do at home?  Well let's see....My first day there I met my mom's new boyfriend - he's a nice guy & my mom is like a giddy teenager, she's so happy.  The next day I met my sister's boyfriend - he's very tall & very sweet with my sister, I'm glad she's happy.  I spent a lot of time with my nieces - they have gotten so big!  They each have their own little personalities, and its funny to see how they act & interact with each other.  I chopped it up with my brothers, spent time with my sister, hung with the homies, and I even reconciled with my dad...we hadn't talked in several years, but we talked & I'm glad we did.

Sadly my vacation was too short, and I was really dreading going back to work, but surprisingly it has been less stressful.  I'm dissatisfied tho, I really thought this new job was going to excite me, but it doesn't.  I think I'm really just ready to be out of the lab totally.  But that's a post for another time.

So...I think you guys are all caught up now.  I've just been living & trying to figure out what my next  move is, while enjoying life.