Side Hustle

I need one, post haste. Its getting real hard out here for a single woman...even a single woman who is doing well on paper.

Yesterday I finally came to terms with the idea of downgrading my cable, in an effort to save money. But then I checked prices on the website, and I discovered that switching to standard cable (which is $55 now - WTF!) and keeping my internets (another $50) would pretty much get me to what I'm paying now, when you tack on all the stupid "taxes and fees" that the cable company is allowed to rape you with. Apparently my "digital combo" is saving me money. So its either keep what I got, or no cable at all. While I'm ok with standard cable, NO cable just seems like torture. Granted, I know its the summer an all, but the new season of Bridezillas starts Sunday! Going completely without cable isn't something I think I can do right now...but I'll keep the thought on the back burner.

So yeah, I need a side hustle. Like now. I need more money. And I need a cheaper apartment, but I don't want to pay for the pleasure of being able to break my lease, so I guess I gotta keep myself where I am until October. Boo on that.

Googling the term "side hustle" gave me way more hits than I expected. And a lot of them were geared toward women...interesting...A good suggestion I saw in another blog was bartending, which I had considered, but never followed up on. Maybe I should investigate that again.