Should I Move Or Stay?

I need some advice yall, so hit the comments please. Ok, so I've talked abt how I'm getting my financial life together & how I'm trying to cut expenses & save $$$. The biggest expense I have is my apartment. I have a 2bed/2bath apt that's abt 1200 sqft...and I'm paying way more than I want to for it. The building has great amenities - W/D in each apt, pool, indoor sauna, workout facility, party room, and heated underground parking. The location is also a key for me - its right next to the freeway, and halfway between my job out in the western 'burbs and downtown/uptown Mpls, where I spend a lot of my time.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to have to move, so I've been looking for apartments. And its been an ordeal. Because I work in the burbs, I need to be in the western part of Mpls to keep my commute down. All the other bldgs in my general area are MORE expensive than the place I live now. Downtown is great, but all the really nice places are super expensive. Uptown is also great, but most of the buildings don't even have lots for off-street parking, much less garages, and I'm not scrapping off my car in the winter (been there, done that, it sucks).  I like NE Mpls, but that's mostly duplexes or houses, and I haven't seen anything I like. I could get a cute place in the burbs...but I don't wanna live in the burbs with the soccer moms.

So I was dreading making a decision...until yesterday. The property manager of my bldg informed me that he would have a 1bedroom+den available the same month my lease is up. So I went to go check it out, and I liked it. I'm on the fence tho, so I need help figuring out if I should take this place or just move to a new bldg altogether.

The pros:

  • Its $200+ cheaper than what I pay now
  • Its 940 sqft - still plenty of room for me to not feel cramped.
  • On the same floor as my current apt, abt 4 apts down from me.
  • I'd be able to keep all my amenities
  • I'd still be in a great location btwn work & play
  • I wouldn't have to get a truck & do all that loading & unloading.
  • I wouldn't have to pay a new deposit & all that stuff.

The cons:

  • It's possible that I can get a cheaper place somewhere else. But most likely it won't have all the amenities I have now, I would have to compromise on something.
  • Parking for guests at my bldg sucks.
  • I could have sucky neighbors. Tho I could have sucky neighbors anywhere tho.

So what do you think? Just go for the ease of moving to a cheaper apt in my same bldg, given that I like the apt, the bldg & the neighborhood? Or just keep hunting for another place & hope I find something good?