Shit I Will Do Or Make Happen In 2017

This is version 1 but expect to see numerous updates of this list throughout 2017...and if you don't see updates you have my permission to ask me why the fuck I haven't updated my list. Accountability and whatnot...

  1. Finish Phi's baby blanket (this is kinda cheating cause it's like 90% done but I'mma put it on the list anyway)
  2. Post on BGU at least once a week
  3. Find freelance writing opportunities
  4. Pitch freelance writing opportunities
  5. Try knitting socks using the two circular knitting needles method
  6. Go see my family so they can meet Phi
  7. Finally try knitting a hat on double point needles
  8. Get pretty and take photos of already knitted items
  9. List already knitted items on Etsy
  10. Update my LinkedIn page with my APW internship.
  11. Apply for opportunities in Atlanta
  12. Search for homes for sale in Atlanta
  13. Convince Meg that I should be Chief Data Officer for APW - I'll start off as "Data Guru" tho...ok maybe not "guru" cause all the startups use that term and it's corny...but basically I wanna be the queen of all things data & sales & marketing for APW, I just need a better title than "queen of all things data & sales & marketing".
  14. Take a girl's trip - no baby, no husband.
  15. Help my cousin soror plan her wedding
  16. Get ordained to do weddings in Georgia
  17. Convince someone to let me officiate their wedding in Georgia
  18. Go to Elise's yoga class twice a week
  19. Take the baby to Bring Your Own Baby yoga class at Blooma
  20. Pay off my last credit card that carries a balance (I'm actually really proud that I'm down to 1 credit card that's carrying a balance, trust me this is an accomplishment)
  21. Find a reliable babysitter so I can go out with my husband to stuff
  22. Book a cheap flight deal so we can take a trip as a family, preferably an international trip so Phi can get a passport stamp.
  23. Go back to the Primal lifestyle, at least 80% (I'll be shooting for 100% but I know that's unrealistic for me)