Season Premiere of "The Game" - Jubi's Recap & Review

After a very loooooooooong hiatus, The Game is back! I was a fan of this show when it was on the CW, so I've been eagerly anticipating its return. Do Derwin & Melanie make their marriage work? Does Malik ever settle down? What happens to Kelly & Jason? And.....what's up with Tasha Mack & Rick Fox? LOL!

The season premiere was one hour #yay & it did not disappoint. The episode started two years from when we left off. Derwin is first on the screen, being a star, mobbed by the paparazzi. Next we see  Tasha Mack, who informs us that Derwin has become a huge star with Nike endorsements & whatnot. Jason Pitts is now a sports commentator, we see him on site. Malik is still Malik - he's making out with his new girl (Megan Good) in the bathroom & she's smacking him around. Kelly is filming a reality show & tripping in her expensive heels. And Melanie is in her photoshoot with her hubby Derwin for Ebony (nice pub btw!).

Janay & little DJ end up at the shoot, and the ladies actually manage to at least pretend like they get along. Tasha, being the hater she is, starts talking to Melanie abt how DJ hasn't darkened up & he might not be Derwin's #hater. BTW, the actor they have playing the baby is cute but those cornrows? #notcute. Anyway, Malik's hosting a dinner for the new minority owner for the Sabres...and it doesn't go well. The new owner talks about how Derwin is the franchise, and Malik is not happy. Luckily the new girl steps in & cuts the night short...So the new girl is Megan Good, who was just making out with Malik in the bathroom - turns out her boo is the new owner! #drama

Now we're back to the Davis's. Derwin is giving his son a bath, but he's gotta run so Melanie convinces him to let her take care of the little guy while he leaves. She also drops during this time that she didn't finish her residency, just like I figured, but I digress.

Jason is on a tv show "Benched" with Chris Webber (older but still a cutie) and turns out Jason is holding out from the Sabres. He refuses to go to another team. Next thing you know, Kelly ends up on the show via Skype, where she tells him she has a reality show called Ex-Ballers Wives (is that gonna be on Vh1?). While Jason gets over the shock, we join back up with Melanie who is entertaining DJ in the tub. For some reason she's talking to the baby about his hair texture & skin color using bath puppets #weird. Luckily I don't think he understood.

Tasha walks in the house looking for her man...and its Terrance J! She's robbing the cradle like a mufucka! She was slobbing him down & stuff, talking bout "why you take a shower without me?" #huh Then she tell the man to get funky again...but he decides to just open his towel instead & apparently Tasha liked it. After she gets her freak on, she heads over to Melanie's house with the proofs from the Ebony shoot. Melanie confesses to giving the baby a DNA test #moredrama! Melanie says that she's cares for DJ & Derwin would be crushed if the baby wasn't his (and she also mentions that she just postponed her residency - yeah right). Tasha & Melanie go back & forth with the accusations ("you a gold digger" vs "you triflin for swabbing the baby"). So apparently Tasha rebuilt Derwin's career (interesting...) & now Tasha thinks the baby & Janay are ruining Melanie's perfect life. Melanie's friend calls with the DNA results & then they leave us hanging...

Hey TeeTee! Apparently he's running a chicken wing truck. Malik rolls up with Megan Good (was is her damn name on the show?), where he orders some food & orders TeeTee around even though he quit being Malik's assistant months ago. TeeTee warns him to not get caught cause he's risking his career.

Back Tasha & Melanie - Melanie calls Kelly with the news that DJ isn't the father. Tasha & Kelly go back & forth - apparently Kelly is still pissed that Tasha hooked Jason up with Camille (Stacy Dash) two years ago. I need her to let that go. Anyway, Tasha tells Melanie to keep the news to herself. Later, Melanie is at home having some wine when Derwin gets home from training camp. The two spend some time chitchatting before Melanie confesses to the paternity test. Derwin of course flips out & says he doesn't want to know the results, no matter what DJ is his son. But of course Melanie blurts it out anyway & Derwin's so mad that he punches a hole in the wall. #Damn that's some fucked up ass news & a fucked up way for Derwin to find out.

Alright so now we're back to Malik & Megan Good making out in a different bathroom, with the manager banging on the door. These fools break the sink! TeeTee manages to smooth things over with the club owner. TeeTee tries to talk some sense into Malik again but Malik gets all sensitive about it. TeeTee tells Malik to get someone else to clean up his messes cause now he's a business man (I'm feeling that). Malik walks out & then we move to Kelly & Jason trading custody of their daughter in a parking lot. BTW, the new Brittney is too grown! Anyway, Jason tells Kelly to stop with the reality show, and he also tells her that her haircut sucks (I have to agree with that). Kelly talks a bunch of shit to Jason about how she won & she's spending all his damn money.

Kelly leaves & now we're back to Tasha & Terrance J (I think his name is Dante). Apparently he got a contract to do Malik's video game release party & says he & Tasha can go together, but Tasha isn't feeling that. She starts suggesting different girls for him to go with, but he says he wants to take her & he also wants to meet Malik. Tasha is resistant & they have a serious convo about their relationship. Tasha convinces him that they should keep it casual & light.

We're back to Derwin & DJ - they are on the porch & Derwin is talking to his son. He starts talking about his son's features & his beef with Melanie. Janay shows up at the house. Janay coincidently has the same purse that Melanie had at the Ebony shoot, just in a different color. Derwin remembers how Melanie said that Janay just wanted everything they had, and he asks Janay if DJ is his. And of course BET goes to commercial, gotta always leave us hanging.

So Melanie meets up with Kelly, who is filming her show at a dermatologists btw. Melanie says that Derwin left so she's getting residency applications in case Derwin leaves her. Kelly tells her to work on her marriage & not give up, oh and that she's gonna beat Tasha's ass if she catches her in the street. Now its time for Malik's video game release party. Jason asks him about cover curse, and Malik flips out (again!). Even Tasha mentions the curse & how Derwin turned down the cover because of it. Tasha compliments her man but doesn't allow him to show her any affection in Malik's party. Ok so Sheree from #RHOA makes a damn appearance & calls Terrance J a pig. Then some other random chick rolls up & gets into it with Tasha, which makes her realize that Terrance J likes older women. She feels played, snaps on him & rolled out. Malik tries to get TeeTee to take him home, but TeeTee says he's not he's flunky anymore & declines. TeeTee's boo, my bad life partner, says she'll take Malik home so he can work the wing truck. Now back to Girl Melanie -  she's sitting at home when Derwin walks in finally. She's ready for a fight but he walks in the house in tears. He knows now that DJ really isn't his child & he breaks down in Melanie's arms.

Ok so while Derwin is crying, Tasha is sitting on the couch all mad when Terrance J walks in. He asks her why she's upset when she wanted to keep it casual while he wanted to be serious. She confesses that she was fine with him being with young girls but she expected to be his only older chick. He tells her to just admit that she has feelings for him, and she does. He assures her that it's not a cougar situation (why did I immediately think of Vivica! I'm bad) & that they should figure out the next move. So I guess they gon be a couple.

Next Kelly is still filming her damn show, she's having a meal with these broads on her show when Jason walks in with a random brown-skinned chick named Peaches. Kelly is pissed & especially pissed that her crew leaves to go hang in Jason's cabana. Even the damn camera crew leaves & Kelly is pissed! Switch over to TeeTee arriving at Malik''s new house, which is ridiculously huge btw. TeeTee starts walking around the house looking for Malik & finds him in the hot tub with Megan Good & TeeTee's boo (hell naw! that's fucked up!). TeeTee is obviously pissed & Malik is basically like "fuck yo couch nigga!". back to Melanie & Derwin at the house. The phone rings & turns out Melanie's friend made a mistake & DJ really is Derwin's child. Of course she doesn't tell him the truth immediately. We gotta have something to talk about this season right? And with that, we reach the end of this long ass episode.

First, recapping a live episode is hard work! Alright now that I'm done & the episode is over, let me give my two cents. I'm happy to see this show back, and to also have the longer format for the first episode. I don't know if I like all this cutting back & forth tho; when the show was on the CW it seemed like the storylines were more integrated with each other. The writers definitely disappoint with the drama, we had more than enough in this episode.  Yet a lot of it was predictable - it was apparent that Melanie was gonna do the test, but also that there was gonna be a twist with the paternity issue. It was clear that Tasha was gonna fall for Terrance J & that TeeTee's girl was gonna get dicked down by Malik. *sigh* hopefully there will be more suspense in the rest of the season. And hopefully there will also be better acting, some folks in this episode left some to be desired.

Overall I'm happy The Game is back & I enjoyed the episode, just for the Twitter commentary.

What did you think of the episode? What do you think will happen this season?