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SATC Movie Review

ATTENTION: If you don't want to know what happens, then I suggest you skip this post. Thank you. Last night I went to the midnight showing of SATC. I wanted to hit the 7:30 show, but BB was busy. The theater was packed full of chicks and the peoples, and I think BB was the only straight guy in the room. We had to sit through lots of bad previews, and then the movie started.

Through the entire movie, I was just enthralled with everything. From the very first episode, I've loved SATC, and it was more than entertainment to me. I could see so much of myself and some of the elements of the type of life that I wanted. It gave me life lessons (Hello, does anyone remember "He's just not that into you"?), fashion lessons, witty lines to use, but most of all, it gave me something to relate to. I may not be a 30-something White woman in NYC, but on many levels I could relate to the characters on the show. So for me, it gave me the continuation of the story that I was craving. MY story was continuing, and finally, so was the SATC story.

Through the movie I kept pointing out fabulous things that I loved, and I need to Google and see how much that stuff is gonna set me back. I loved Jennifer Hudson's performance, and I hate that so many people are giving her flack about it. I think she did a great job, but of course, folks are gonna read so much more into it than just a performance, and those people suck, cause sometimes its just about the performance. I felt so much better about this ending than I did about the series finale...mostly because the series finale left me with so many questions. While I do have questions about this ending, I feel like the characters have evolved to another level and have gone to a new place.

And of course, I learned a ton. Just that one viewing gave me a new perspective and new ideas to ponder. Multiple viewings will give me even more, so I will definitely be seeing this again in the theater and also buying as soon as it hits DVD.

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