Revisiting the Cuddle Buddy Thing

A couple winters ago I wrote about how I needed a cuddle buddy cause I was so cold & so single & I needed someone to snuggle with. Men are still falling all over themselves to proclaim how they don't believe in cuddle buddies & how they would never do it & blah blah blah...but we allllllll know that a lot of chicks have cuddle buddies & chicks aren't cuddling with each clearly some dudes are cool with this arrangement.

But this post isn't to debate the merits of the cuddle buddy...well not really.

I would LOVE to know if any of you men who actually fulfill the role do it because you're just trying to f*ck. And if that is your you give up when it becomes apparent that you'll never get any?

I don't see what the big deal is abt being a cuddle buddy - why is it such a bad thing? Yall men don't like to be held? To feel the closeness of another human being? If you do it right, you can at least feel on her what's the problem? Or is the problem that you can't lay up with a chick that you aren't humping?

That's unfortunate if that is the answer.

I might just have to get myself a winter boo...