Relationship Stuff

I had like a million thoughts in my head today, so this may come out disjointed...oh well, I tried. Yall know I've been dating the attorney...its been good, but I've been flummoxed about "us" & what was going on.  When we first started dating it was all about keeping it light & fun, cause he's all in work-mode...but I got caught up & caught feelings.  It happens, #sueme.  We had a long rambling talk this weekend (which started in an art museum & ended in a Dairy Queen - both weird places to have a relationship talk)...and at the end of the day the ball is in my court.  He's fine with everything & won't change, but why would he?  Everything is in his favor right now.  I'm the one who's unhappy so I will have to be the one to decide if I walk or not.  Right now its leaning towards walk.

While I was trying to figure out what I was going to do, I asked some folks for advice...and the responses I got were totally dependent on one factor: gender.  All the men said one thing, and all the women said something completely different, which I found to be very interesting.  The men said I should stick with him & let him be all about work right now, while the women said they would have walked a long time ago.  I don't know if this is related, but the majority of the men are either married or in relationships, while the majority of women are single & not dating #kanyeshrug  I'm the type to make up my own mind, but the different perspectives gave me stuff to consider.

Chopped it up with a male friend recently who lamented his super single status - he has no gf, boo, FwB, jump-off, nothing.  And he's unhappy, depressed, all that stuff.  It struck me as kinda odd.  I know folks always talk about how bad it is out here for women...but does anyone talk about how hard it is for men?  I think we all assume that men have it so easy, that they can find the right woman to date/love/marry with little to no effort.  But clearly that's not true, men go through the same bouts of insecurity & unhappiness over their lovelifes as women do.  I found myself giving my friend the same "it'll happen before you know, don't worry about it, just have fun & enjoy life" advice that I hate when folks give me...funny how that works, isn't it?  Its great advice, but sometimes you just need to wallow...and maybe that's what he needed to do.