Randompalooza, Vol. 6

When's the last time you were sick? I don't get sick very often, but I was sick recently & it was the worst. I spent a week trying to treat myself with OTC meds before I finally broke down & went to the doctor for antibiotics. I abhor being sick, it is the absolute worst. I was miserable thanks to the sinus infection from hell. Simple things like sleeping was difficult. I'm so glad I'm finally feeling better. Not 100% yet, but getting there.

Before I got sick, I went home for my mom's 50th birthday party, which was beautiful. My mom is so awesome & so many of her friends & family came out to celebrate with her. While I was home I saw my babies including my new niece that I hadn't met yet. I'm now the proud auntie of 4 nieces & 1 nephew. They are the most beautiful children in the world.

I'm sitting here writing while listening to Take Care & its got me all emo. Yall know I've loves me some Aubrey Graham but this isn't what I expected from Take Care *sigh*.

It's official - I'm switching to #teamiphone. Everyday I wanna throw my BB out the window. I cannot wait to get rid of this phone, but I have to wait until early 2012, because....

My car is 1 payment away from being paid off! *dougies* I am so excited about this. Granted this isn't the first car that I've paid off before, but this is the longest note I've had, and the biggest note I've had. I can definitely re-appropriate those funds. Next obstacle - my student loans. *sigh*

When's the last time you made a new friend? Not just an acquaintance, but an actual friend?

I have no idea what I want for Christmas but I need to figure it out.

Being a grown-up is hard. They don't tell you that part when you're a kid.

I'm still writing but I've switched to the preview of the new Childish Gambino album. I digs it. I will be copping that when it drops.

I'm slacking though because I really haven't given a good listen to the new Wale album. I kinda skipped through it real quick but I need to devote some time to it & really give it a listen. I think I'm still salty about his "concert" in Mpls last month.

I want a varsity jacket. But I'll probably wait on that.

I do still want a new winter coat in a bright color. I need to hit Burlington Coat Factory & do some hunting.

Thinking about getting some new winter boots too. The ones I've worn the past cpl of winters are getting worn out.

And I need a couple new sweater dresses for the winter.

Speaking of winter, its November & it's still relatively warm in Mpls - highs in the 50s. Complete change from last year, by this time last year we had already had a couple of big snow storms. I'm going to enjoy this snow-free life for as long as I can.

My lease is up in January & they want to raise my rent $75! I so don't want the hassle of moving, so I'm going to try to negotiate. My building is actually the cheapest in the area, when compared to apartments of the same size with the same amenities. But a $75 more a month is a lot of money for the same apartment.

And now I've switched to Phonte's Charity Starts At Home...I loves this album. And I'm still dying for Foreign Exchange & friends to do a show in Mpls.

What are your holiday plans? I'll be spending Thanksgiving here in Mpls again this year. I'm going home for Christmas but I'll be back here for NYE, unless I get a better offer. This will actually be my first NYE in Mpls, we'll see how it goes.

I totally forgot! Last month I took the plunge & started my locs. I investigated a bunch of different methods, and decided to start with two-strand twists. I did them myself & then I went to a local natural hair salon to have them cleaned up a bit. So far they've been in for about a month & I absolutely love them. No more spending hours on the weekend washing/conditioning/twisting. No more struggling with tangles & knots. My hair routine has gotten so much easier. And best of all I really love how they look on me.

Since this pic they have thickened up & also gotten frizzy. But they still look super cute.