Randomapalooza Vol. 3

Yall know what it is... Ever notice how the people who claim they hate drama & try to avoid it are always the folks that keep up the most drama? I'm watching the Basketball Groupies & Ex's Wives reunion & these chicks keep talking about how they hate drama blah blah blah. If you really hated drama, wouldn't you decline a show like that? #imjustsayin

I feel like an e-celebrity thanks to my feature on DrJayJack's blog last week. Thanks to him for asking me to do it. If you made your way to my spot thanks to his feature, thanks for stopping by!

I promise yall I'mma start writing again.

I wrote something here but I decided to keep it G-14 classified instead...tho if you follow me on Twitter you probably already know what it is.

My mom is coming to visit this weekend & I'm so excited. She hasn't been to visit since last March, and I haven't seen her since April.

I'm happy that the NFL is back but I think this preseason is even worse than it normally is. Let's just skip to the regular season, shall we? Oh and I'm still a Colts fan, nothing has changed.

How the fuck did Lala get another season of her show? Seriously?

 Please tell me why I started this post on Monday and it is now Thursday & I'm just now getting around to working on it again? *sigh* Where has the week gone?

Operation New Job has been in full effect. I applied for an internal position at a different site & had an interview on Monday. It was more of a pre-screen so hopefully I will be invited on-site for another interview. In the meantime, I'm still working on some other opportunities, cause I gotta make moves.

I was reading the NY Times online today (now that I have a Sunday subscription I have a digital subscription for free #yay) & there was an interview with Chris Tucker. Apparently he is going on a comedy tour. I immediately tried to see if Minneapolis was on the tour, but of course it wasn't #boo. I think Chris Tucker would be hilarious live.

Speaking of tours tho, Esperanza Spaulding will be at the Dakota Jazz Club on Oct. 4 & I'm getting tickets ASAP. I love her.

Lately my wireless connection in my apt has been real bootleg. IDK what it is. Maybe I need a new router? All I know is I was trying to watch some Noah's Arc on #Netflix via my Wii last night & it was NOT COOPERATING.

LM & I are doing another one of our famous last-minute trips - we're going to Chicago for Labor Day. Booking our flights was an ordeal let me tell you, no thanks to late ass emails & uncooperative airlines. But we managed to work it out. Now we just gotta handle the hotel & rental car & I really hope I don't have another Priceline malfunction like I did with our Miami trip *crosses fingers*

Oh I forgot - I'm an auntie again! I have a new niece & her name is Zainab & she is a doll. She looks just like her older sister Zunairah, who looks just like her dad who is my youngest brother. So out of my 5 nieces & nephews all of them look like my family. Crazy nuts.

Alright that's enough randomness for one day...what's up with yall?