Random Thoughts On A Monday Night

How come HBO shows the same 5 movies 8000 times in one month? I swear Avatar & Just Wright are on like everyday! I watch Just Wright every time its on cause Common is yummy delicious in that move. He was totally unbelievable as a basketball player tho, what is he like 5'8"? LOL. He still looked good tho. Avatar is a longass movie. But it was so amazing in 3D. I went to see it on a date & I was mesmerized.

I spent forever working on my site tonight, I was trying to install Jetpack & I kept having memory issues, but I finally got it working #yay. I've been learning a lot since I started blogging  on self-hosted Wordpress. I'm not a coder or programmer at all so its been a big leap for me.

So I haven't been dating. No reason in particular, just haven't been. Given the ups & downs I've been experiencing in my lovelife, being on the bench has been a breath of fresh air. So I'm on timeout until I meet someone who is worth coming off the bench for.

Since I'm not dating, my goal is to have fun, enjoy my life, study for the GMAT & write my business plan. Oh and continue to write.

I have a temper. I should work on that.

So months ago I decided to do my taxes by hand this year, right? Mostly cause I was tired of paying TurboTax, but I also wanted to see if I could do it. I got the forms from the library but I didn't get around to actually doing the math until tonight. First, I make too much to deduct ANY of my student loan interest & I'm mad salty about that. Like seriously? I have the damn student loan interest because I went to school to get a job that would pay well, and now I'm being penalized for that? #wack But...for the first time since 2006, I don't owe! I broke even on my federal return, I get back $30. My refund from the state of Minnesota is $188. Considering how I used to owe hundreds of dollars, I def feel like I'm #winning right now.

Doing my taxes was easy. I don't have any kids, don't have any mortgage interest or student loan interest to deduct, no business expenses, so it was all very straight-forward. No more TurboTax for me.

I'm going home on Thursday & I can't wait. I need these 3 days away from my job. I can't wait to see my nieces, they are about to turn 2 & they are getting so big! And my nephew is all big & chunky now. I'm also gonna celebrate my friend JC's bday while I'm home.

#BlackTwitter & #GreekTwitter piss me off sometimes...I need to join #WhiteTwitter & #GDITwitter.

I'm loving that new song by Kelly Rowland, "Motivation". Saw the vid & its sexy...

My Twitter crush loves to tell me how dope I am. I actually love that compliment. Nobody's ever told me I was dope. I dig it.

Got a couple new e-books from Overdrive for my Nook color, so I'm all set for reading material for my trip home.

Trying to decide if I want to take my Nook color and my netbook on my trip. Leaning towards just Nook color right now.

I was asked about my worst date ever...and I'm happy to say that I haven't had too many, luckily. The worst has to be when a guy showed up 70 minutes late for our date. Ugh, I get mad all over again just thinking about it.

I was supposed to have a second interview last week, but it had to be rescheduled. So why haven't they rescheduled with me yet?!? UGH. I suppose this means more job-hunting for me.

Last week LM & I started having one of our random talks...and by the end of the convo we had planned my birthday trip! Jubi's 29th birthday will be spent in Miami! I can't wait, I haven't been to Miami since like '09, and I definitely want to do something big for my birthday this year. Who else is in?

Alright it's your  turn - share your random thoughts!