Random Thoughts from 10,000 Feet

Yes I'm posting this from my seat in business class. Props to AirTran for putting Wi-Fi on all their flights. Now they just need to make it free for business class and/or Elite members, and I will be so ridiculously happy.

I got the iPod on & I'm listening to Drake - I can't even front, I got a thing for him. I'm a fan. Don't stone me. I love his voice, especially on them songs he does for the ladies. Right now my favorite song is that joint with Lloyd "Night Off"...I loves me some Lloyd too, he's next up in the iPod rotation.
Speaking of music, shoutout to Reecie & her fabulous blog, Soundtrack of My Life. She be taking it back with her posts & her various youtube clips. Got me reminiscing and thinking bout stuff I haven't thought about in years.
I had a heart-to-heart with my mentor yesterday about my situation at work. His suggestion was something that I really wasnt trying to do, but I might do it anyway, just to see what the result would be. Either way, I still think its best to have some feelers out for other opportunities.
So I'm on my Asus Eee-pc and I loves it, but its white and it shows every freaking stain. And the keyboard is more square, which is a pain when writing long stuff, like blog posts or emails. I'm thinking about getting an HP netbook, what yall think? LK, I know you loves yours.
I'm really looking forward to this trip to Minneapolis. I haven't been back on campus in 5 years. I can't believe its been 5 years since I graduated from college. Where did the time go?
I was looking at my transcripts the other day - I am the queen of "its not what you know, its who you know" cause my grades sucked!
Are there any fat flight attendants? They must have a size requirement cause I never see fat flight attendants...
I also have a thing for Trey Songz right now...he skinny and whatnot but that voice....