Online Love

I started thinking about online relationships the other day. Not online dating in the traditional sense of & in terms of just meeting a person that would like to date, but you happen to meet online.

I know several couples who have met on various sites: Facebook, Myspace, various message boards (Greeks are notorious for this I think ), etc. In those settings, its not really about "meeting someone" (well maybe Myspace is abt that now, but it wasn't always that way, but I digress...)....its about connecting with like-minded folks & sharing your opinion. Even now, folks are linking up via Twitter, and I know there have to be a ton of relationships out there that started via Twitter.

"Meeting" online is an interesting thing...cause you only know that person based on what they blog/post/tweet & that could either be a great representation of their personality & mannerisms, or they could be playing a character. Over the years I've meet folks in both groups: some folks are themselves on the 'Net & off, while others enjoy the anonymity of the 'Net & the ability to be someone that they aren't IRL.

So what's the appeal of dating someone that you know from the Internets?

In some ways, getting to know someone without the stress of physical interaction could be a great thing...provided that both people are being sincere & being themselves. Often those relationships go to a deeper level, because the only interaction that you can have requires some type of communication & sharing of information. Whether its a friendship or something more, being able to start off with strong communication is key.

I gotta say, I've met some great friends online...and a few great lovers too. Besides being on FB & Twitter, I've belonged to various message boards over the years. I've gotten to connect with some folks that I would have never met otherwise. Some folks are "Internet-only friends", while others are the type of friends that you travel to see...or at least call when you're in their city. As for the men I've met...some have turned into friends...some got the boot...some were just casual Internet flirtations....

Given how prevalent social networking & other sites are now, & how wired so many people live (especially in my generation), I expect to hear even more "how we met" stories begin with the words "online", "on this website" or something similar.

Ever dated or become IRL friends with someone you met online? I wanna hear stories in the comments!