On 33

I turn 33 today. I used to turn up for my birthday - taking a trip somewhere with my friends, partying and celebrating the joyous occasion that was my birth. As a single person, your birthday is generally the only time you get to be celebrated, other than graduations or a housewarming.

I brought in 32 with a bang, first at my BFF's wedding and then on the beach in Puerto Rico with my love. 33 will be much quieter, and I'm looking forward to it. 32 was a big year for me, and I realized a dream and desire that I never thought would come to pass. I'm still amazed that I found my love and now I'm his wife!

I always get sentimental and thoughtful around my birthday...this year is no different. This is also a time where I find myself replaying the previous year and reflecting on the goals I did not achieve. I made progress in some areas, and regressed in others. I want 33 to be more progression than regression.

My wishes for 33:

  • To be the best wife I can be to my husband; to love him unconditionally and support him as his helpmate.
  • To get all these ideas in my mind out into the Universe, through writing.
  • To follow my career dreams...start a business, or a side hustle, and take chances while I'm still in a corporate role.
  • To focus on my yoga practice, making it a priority each day.
  • To grow in my personal relationships with each of my family members and friends.
  • To feel confident and sexy all the time, not just some time, or when I've lost weight, or when I'm wearing the right outfit.
  • To stay disciplined
  • To add some stamps to my passport!
  • To see some beautiful things in beautiful places.
  • To be brave...or at least fake it until I feel brave.
  • To write more for the blog - I feel like I say this every year but I really want to make it happen this time!
  • To break my sweet tooth.
  • To stay happy and grateful.

That's not too much to ask for in one year, right?

Cheers to 33...I hope that on the eve of 34, I look back fondly on the journey that was 33.