Nothing new to report

Same old, same old...nothing exciting is going on with me, but I decided to post anyway. This week I was in my lab all alone, because my labmate went on vacation. Well, of course this week all the work comes in, and its just little old me to handle it all. I think I did a good job of balancing everything that needed to be done. I'm hella tired though (and its kinda sick how I picked up the word "hella", LMAO) so this weekend I'm really gonna kick back and relax.

A co-worker is having a houseparty to celebrate his birthday, and my soror's best friend is also celebrating his birthday this weekend. Plus I wanna hit the movies this weekend. And the Orlando Pride Parade is this weekend, I think I'll check it out and see how it is. So I'll probably have an exciting post on Sunday or Monday.

Oh, I'm still working on getting my life together. An acquaintance of mine did a tarot reading for me, regarding two questions that I had, and it was very informative. And I'm still exploring meditation, I need a way to relax and get out of my head.