No Longer A Long Distance Love - A Recap Of The Big Move

Damn that's a long drive...but it was worth it. After months of a long distance relationship, LM is here in Minneapolis with me! I'm so happy and excited he's here, not just because he moved, but also because....we're engaged! We have been discussing marriage and whatnot, but the actual proposal was a surprise and super sweet. The proposal story is coming next, but for now let me tell yall about the fun that was our 1200 mile drive from DC to Minneapolis.

Prep for the move began after Will returned to DC for the last time at the end of April. We'd decided that the big move would happen May 17th, so we had about 3 weeks for him to pack up, sell furniture, and get everything finalized. The Thursday before the move, I flew into DC after work. I arrived at his apt, the one he claimed was all packed up, and there was still stuff everywhere! Stuff sitting out, trash that needed to go out, just a mess. He "man packed" but he was nowhere near done - that's why he needed my help. So I spent my Friday morning packing while he worked from home. By the time we took a break for a late lunch, I had packed up everything else that he had left out. We took our last trip on the Red Line and hit District of Pi, one of our fave places, for pizza and salad.

After lunch and a bit more cleaning, we started loading up his Tahoe with his stuff. Towards the end there it started being a game of Tetris, seeing what we could fit where, but we managed to get everything we wanted to bring into the truck. We called it an early night because we wanted to hit the road early Saturday morning. Thanks to an alarm that didn't go off, we wound up waking up at the time we wanted to leave...but we managed to pull it together and hit the road by 715am.

For the drive, we decided to take turns driving, and to only stop for gas, at which point we'd get food, take a bathroom break, and switch drivers. LM took the first leg, I took the second, and we alternated from there. Our route took us on I-70, I-76, I-80, I-90, and I-94; and through Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and finally Minnesota. For most of the trip, we were on toll roads, but they didn't slow us down, thanks to my I-Pass transponder that I still had. We loaded it up with cash before we left on the trip, and it worked on all the toll roads we passed through, which was great! I was a little worried about driving the Tahoe for long distances, I've never driven something that big for that long of a trip. But actually it was super easy to drive. The Tahoe sits up really high, so from that vantage point it was actually easier to drive. I ended up driving for 3hr chunks at a time, which was just enough for me.

When I wasn't driving, I was napping or having snacks (we packed a cooler with healthy snacks which was a great idea) or watching movies with LM. We also had a lot of time to talk, about random stuff, tell each other stories, and talk about our future. We made it to Chicago after 9 hours, and originally we were going to stop in Chicago, but we decided to power through and just finish the drive.

Chicago was frustrating thanks to an accident and then a complete tear-up of I-90 from O'Hare to the Wisconsin border, and that slowed us down quite a bit. Once we hit Wisconsin we were able to make up some time and get back on schedule. About an hour after our last stop for gas, LM started struggling in the driver's seat. I was wide awake so I asked him to pull over so I could drive the last hour we had left. As soon as he hit the passenger's seat, he was asleep! But I had a movie playing the DVD player (don't worry, I was just listening, not watching the screen) and I got us safely into Minnesota. I was so happy to see that Welcome to Minnesota sign! LM slept soundly until I pulled off the freeway near our place, LOL.

I pulled into our place at 1130pm Minnesota time, so we had a 17-18hour drive. I was just so happy that we did it and did it safely! It went very smoothly - I was a little worried that we wouldn't survive the drive, but it was relatively easy. We didn't get on each other's nerves, we weren't cranky and mean, and we didn't have any issues when the other was driving.

We immediately went to bed once we arrived at our place, and saved unpacking the truck for the next morning. Now my place is a mess, but I'm just so happy that he's here. The day after the drive, I just kept looking at him and saying "guess what? You live here now!" I'm just ecstatic that the move is all done, and we're together all the time. It's been a long time coming, and I'm happy the long distance part of our relationship is over.